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Storytelling, Communications & Media Outreach Tools to Elevate the Voice & Impact of Women for Growing Mindful Mobility

Click the image above to download our free storytelling toolkit pdf!

Click the image above to download our free storytelling toolkit pdf!

We advocate for smarter, safer, more active mobility by cultivating creative storytelling and storytellers. Our main focus is women, but men are welcome too. We help elevate the voice and impact of women working to create safer, healthier, more mindful mobility for everyone through:

  • Blogs, interviews, and audio podcasts with a thought leaders and change agents working for more mindful mobility across the U.S.

  • One on one coaching to find the heart of your story and how best to present it to the world in writing, imagery, and live presentations.

  • Affordable media lists, webinars and trainings on storytelling, communications, media outreach and marketing.

  • Creative services for emotionally engaging, stylish multi-media communications & outreach campaigns.

  • Focused and ongoing media pitching to local, regional, and national media to exponentially grow the coverage of both the thought leaders and everyday women revolutionizing their lives through more mindful mobility.


We're a non profit project under the fiscal receivership of the California Bicycle Coalition. Intro image by Lisa Beth Anderson featuring Sofia Ramirez Johnson and her husband Ryan Johnson. Learn more about them here.