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Our goal at Pedal Love is to help you discover and develop your storytelling superpowers for growing active, mindful mobility and a sustainable world. To do that we create low cost storytelling tools tips, and trainings.

Our focus is on women, but men are always welcome.

Storytelling Tools & Tips

How did Melissa place her clients and help place the Pedal Love network in media outlets like the Associated Press, Bicycling Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Living on Earth, Sierra Magazine, the Texas Standard and more? By creating an up-to-date media list focused on the TV, radio, print and online media outlets interested in stories about biking (and eBikes!), walking, new urbanism and sustainability. Melissa updates this list 2x per year. The spring version will be emailed on April 4th. Pre-order yours today at this very special price. Over 100 top progressive U.S. media outlets are included.

Becoming a Storytelling Superhero
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Ready to Unleash your own Storytelling Superpowers?

This course (including 4 live webinars) will take you through a guided step-by-step process to learn the skills you need to transform your communications, presentations and sales with storytelling.

The course includes live webinars, videos, blogs, and downloadable worksheets to completely demystify how to create compelling short stories and utilize them in your communications, social media, presentations, media interviews and more!

Looking for a great promotional item for Earth Day and beyond? Melissa’s newest “free” coloring page is ready!

Click below to download this 8.5”x11” print quality PDF right now.