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My goal at Pedal Love is to help you discover and develop your storytelling superpowers for growing active, mindful mobility and a sustainable world. To do that I create cost friendly storytelling and communications tools, trainings, and coloring pages.

Storytelling and Communications Tools & Tips

My next webinar class is free!

Join me on Thursday, October 3rd at 12:30 pm PST (2:30 CST, 3:30 EST) for “Storytelling for Social Media”.

The class is just 30-minutes with 18-minutes for the presentation, and 12-minutes for your live questions.

This webinar demystifies how thought leaders and changes agents are using storytelling to create valuable conversations and connectivity on social media.

You can find several of my previous webinars and very short “how to” storytelling videos on my channel.

Melissa’s “Why Storytelling Matters” Blog