Before I did my long bike tour down the West Coast I did two little bike tours with friends. One from San Luis Obispo to L.A., and one from San Diego to L.A….Iwas really nervous about the prospect of riding my bike day after day, not knowing where I was going to be at night, what I was going to need, you can encounter this feeling of not being prepared. I have to credit Erin Gurly from the Ontario Wheelhouse for totally encouraging me to go.

Listen - Daniella Alcedo's newest #WomenTalkBikes

Eve Sanford talks about on her solo West Coast bike tour from Washington to California in the fall of 2014. Eve shares her stories of loading her Cannondell bike with 40 lbs of gear, making friends, in the rain and how jellybeans got her through the tough times.

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Listen - Kim Alexander's newest "Mindfulness & the Bike"

You have to be very aware of the present moment, you have to be aware of your surroundings, the rhythms of the street, what’s moving and what not moving. When you’re on a bicycle you can be in a very mindful state and it’s something that happens very often when I ride a bike.

Kim interviews Ron Milam, the founding Executive Director of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition who know runs his own consulting firm.

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A very artful, authentic, and engaging piece of storytelling!



At right: One Woman Many Bikes blog author Janet Lafleur

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