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Women Talk Bikes with Daniella Alcedo features the undergrad students of Cal Poly Pomona's Dr. Gwen Urey's Urban Planning and Research Methods course conducted a study called "Cyclist Conspicuity in Pomona" in the fall of 2014. Calling themselves the Bicycle Thundercat team, they went out to the streets of Pomona to observe how invisible a Pomona cyclist really is during dawn and dusk hours. Their observations shed insight on how invisible a cyclist really is without the proper equipment and what can be done to make one seen. Host, Daniella Alcedo, interviews students Olivia Offutt and Arturo Ortuno with Dr. Gwen Urey on their process, work and learning experience.

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Women on Bikes California focuses on the bike as a tool for optimism in the lives of women. We work to elevate the voice, opportunity and impact for women in California's blooming bike culture through storytelling and proactive media outreach. Women on Bikes California marries active living advocacy for women with an ever evolving new media communications platform "Pedal Love" to share dynamic and compelling stories of how ordinary people are making extraordinary changes to their lives by bike. Our key focus is women - but men are welcome too! We are an initiative of the California Bicycle Coalition.