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Our goal at Pedal Love is to help you discover and develop your storytelling superpowers for growing active, mindful mobility and a sustainable world. To do that we create low cost storytelling and communications tools tips, and trainings.

Our focus is on women, but men are always welcome.

Storytelling and Communications Tools & Tips

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Ready to Become a Storytelling Superhero?

Great storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you can use to not only galvanize your core fans and followers, but to grow your audience. This live 30-minute webinar will help you understand the elements of a great story, how to discover and polish your own great stories, and how to use great stories in your everyday communications and outreach.

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Looking for a great promotional item for Earth Day and beyond? Melissa’s newest “free” coloring page is ready!

Click below to download this 8.5”x11” print quality PDF right now.