Anne Poarch - Founder/Owner Basket and Bike, Richmond VA

Anne Poarch is the Founder/Owner of Basket and Bike which offers hand-crafted bicycle excursions and picnic rides on the newly-completed Virginia Capital Trail and in town on the avenues of Richmond and Williamsburg.

Anne is a woman much touched by the beauty and healing powers of God’s natural world, and that we were created to serve as stewards of that world is a calling. After 20+ years in the financial services industry she is excited to bring those skills to bear on my passions: Life. Faith. Nature. Making Connections.  

She is a daughter, wife, mother, poet, singer, songwriter, lover of gardens, and birds, books and history. She rides her bike (with a basket of course!) to farmer’s markets, to church (yes, in my heels), and around the near west end of Richmond to coffee shops, museums and parks, as a way to stay fit, and to reduce her carbon footprint. She's encourages everyone to do the same and discover life more fully by stepping out on a bike. There's nothing quite like the freedom of a bike with the promise of a southern picnic spread!