Lani Tarozzi - TandemNY, New York NY

As a New York City based fashion executive Lani Tarrozzi enjoyed riding her bike to work every day from her home in the West Village. What she didn't enjoy, was how her flowing skirts or dress could be distracting, or embarrassingly revealing, on her commute. In 2014 inspiration hit and she partnered with her sister Rosalyn Musker-Grant, to launch with just one product - "The Skirtweight." This small, easy to use accessory simply clips onto the hemline of your skirt, or dress, to keep it from flowing up while riding and retails online for just $18.

Lani's background as a Senior Manager of Operations of Visual Merchandising for Coach stores nationwide, Director of Visual Merchandising for Ralph Lauren, and Director of Marketing & Communications for all licensed brands at Swank, has given her a keen sense for how fashion can solve everyday challenges for women stylishly. Her second product are the cashmere feeling legwarmers with reflecting edging with a convenient zipper. She now hosts on her website "In Tandem With..." a series of bicycle friendly products from women in Fashion & the Arts.

Lani and TandemNY have been featured in, Momentum Magazine, Trailblazer Girl, Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, Streetsblog NY, Cycle Style Australia, Bike Stylish, Bicycle Times Magazine, Treadlie Magazine, Bikelife Cities Magazine, Justine Magazine, and more.

A graduate of New York University with degrees in Economics and Fine Art, Lani has enjoyed living in the West Village for the past 25 years. She's the proud Mother of Mick 12, and Evan 9, and two Havanese dogs, Charlie and Poly.