Images by Kyle Ramey

Images by Kyle Ramey

Megan Ramey - Founder/Director Bikabout, Hood Rive OR

It was while hiking 5 nights solo on Appalachian Mountain Club's (AMC) hut-to-hut trails that Megan Ramey got the idea for Bikabout. She had just left an inspiring position as a sustainability consultant and needed time in the woods to ask the question: what next? On the final day's ascent through pine tree covered Mt. Tom, it dawned on her that if an organization could normalize sightseeing by bike like AMC had normalized hiking, they could appeal to the masses, drive bike traffic to local business, reinvest in advocacy for better biking, reward bike friendly cities with tourism dollars and ultimately change peoples' lives with the freedom of two wheels. She liked the name, Bikabout, as a play on walkabout and its imagery of getting lost, self-discovery, new experiences and casualness.

Megan now has the best job in the world continuously learning from communities, traveling, appreciating good design, tasting, drinking, exploring natural and man-made landscapes, listening to KEXP (best radio station ever), falling in love with North American cities and meeting the everyday change makers.

Kyle, her husband, is the volunteer photographer who home brews and it was his obsession with beer that made Megan plan a trip to Portland, buy the book Hop in the Saddle and together they used it to explore the Graceland of bike and beer porn. That book provided the model experience.

Their daughter and her peers are the inspiration for Bikabout. Biking for everyday life gets people outdoors, connects them to their community, frees up time and money and breeds independence.