Reid Miller - Founder/Designer Reid Miller Apparel - Durham NC

Reid is the founder of her self-named line–Reid Miller­–wardrobe staples for the active woman, based in Durham, North Carolina. As a child, she designed clothing for her dolls that her grandmother would help her make. After learning that being a designer wasn’t a “practical career” she pursued her love of science, health and policy in a public health career. During her graduate studies she became a bike commuter, with no money for a car. She spent many moments during her commute dreaming up clothing and accessories that would make for a great ride, while being suitably stylish for her destination.  She left public health to build a company that more closely aligned with her passion and began designing clothing for her bike commute.

Reid Miller evolved as the company learned that many women, not just bike commuters, desired clothing designed for the activity they enjoy in their day-to-day lives. To this work, Reid brings a long standing passion for women’s rights and a feminist worldview, designing high-quality apparel for movement and to reveal the power of the feminine form. The Reid Miller line starts with the premise that women are essential problem solvers in the world. Their time, their work, their creativity, their perspective is vital. Apparel is to liberate them to create, lead, connect and share.

The line began with a classic denim–the Not-So-Skinny Riding Denim–designed for activity, versatility in work and leisure and for the muscles and curves of the women that wear them. Reid currently working on introducing made to measure production into women’s apparel, using the latest technology to produce garments that fit each individual woman’s body, to promote sustainable production and to more equitably share the resources of this work with suppliers and U.S based sewers. This line debuts with the Riding Jacket during its limited launch in the Fall of 2017.