Renee Moore - Founder of Bicycling and the City, Community Organizer Washington Area Bicyclists Association, Washington DC

I’m Renee Moore, founder of Bicycling and the City (AKA the girl on the blue bike)! With a flair for fashion you can often find me, dress billowing in the wind, leading bike expeditions to the city’s most awesome destinations. As a former nuclear chemist, I understand how important bonds are, on both the atomic and social level. That’s why I created a platform specifically designed to match bicyclists to the group and adventure that meets their needs. Whether you’re training for your next triathlon, or just hoping to see the sights from the comfort of your own two wheels, Bicycling and the City has the solution for you. Let us be the catalyst for your next adventure!

As an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed people person, I believe when small business meets genuine passion, beautiful things can happen. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to unite my hobbies and my livelihood, all while helping others. I first learned to bike when I was 25 years old. Through my first-hand experience, I can honestly say it’s never too late to follow your dreams! Every day I get to watch people live their most authentic lives, share their stories, and
have fun doing it.

When I’m not organizing meetups or pedaling my way across the city, you can find me whipping together a delicious cake or plowing through my never-ending reading list. A voracious life enthusiast, I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, constantly on the lookout for every new experience this incredible life has to offer.