Sarah Canner - Founder/Designer of New York NY

Sarah Canner is the Founder and Designer of VESPERTINE® Haute Réflecture®, a collision of fashion and reflective safety wear designed so that cyclists, pedestrians, runners and any one active in mindful mobility can be seen and look great on and off the road.

Sarah was living in Paris and working in film when she over came her fears of city cycling and fell in love with “getting around” on her bike. She sought out clothes and accessories that would make her visible on the road and be chic enough for her Parisian lifestyle. After a fruitless search, her vision of fashion as a functional necessity and safety wear as fun 'clothes you want to wear,’ as well as her desire to empower other cyclists on their daily adventures, inspired her to switch career paths and create the VESPERTINE Haute Réflecture collection. Not all reflective is created equal, Canner uses only the highest quality, brightest 3M Scotchlite™ reflective for optimal visibility and safety.  She then combines it with flattering tailoring and sustainable tech fabrics, like water-resistant, breathable, 100% recycled/recyclable poly, or merino wool to create a new breed of reflective safety ‘every wear.’

Passionate about cycling, design, safety, mindful mobility and the planet, Canner now lives in Brooklyn with her 3-year old daughter and her partner. A solo-preneur, she produces her unique and dazzling collection in NY, taking great joy in finding new ways to exhibit that, ‘yes, fashion can save your life.’

Canner's work has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times Style Section, the Wall Street Journal, Time Out New York, The Daily Mail,, Good Housekeeping, Treehugger, Cool Hunting, Bicycling Magazine, Momentum Magazine, Velojoy and more.