Active Living Plugged In - Downtown Long Beach - Coming Early 2015!

Active Living Plugged In is an innovative day and a half experiential learning lab that will give you measurably improved skills in:

  • Connecting with new audiences via short engaging live talks
  • Elevating female, youth and multi-cultural voices in a “Civil Streets Conversation for California”
  • The emotional power of effectively communicating personal stories
  • Building your leadership skills and political influence
  • Activating and leading your network
  • Collaborating with your local creative community to bring fresh energy, ideas and artistry to the movement
  • Artfully employing new media for increased impact
  • Understanding why a successful media strategy is crucial and the tools to make it happen (i.e. moving the focus from car vs. bike into more inspiring stories and becoming a “go to” resource)

The Details...

  • Dates: Coming soon!
  • Both breakfast and lunch included both days - vegetarian/vegan options available
  • Convenient location close to the downtown LB transit center
  • The training can host a maximum of 20 trainees
  • Special Early Bird price of $85.00 will be per person
  • For sponsorship opportunities available - click here!

Here are Some Reviews of the Inaugural "Active Living Plugged In" training camp happened in downtown L.A. on March 15 & 16th:

"Melissa, Charlie, Allan -

A belated but heartfelt Thank You for this past amazing weekend; I cannot even tell you how much great feedback I am hearing from participants.  Sorry I had to sneak out a bit early on Sunday, and I know I missed the wrap-up ... and lunch!  The food was thoughtful and delicious, I should mention, and I think everyone really enjoyed that. 

This program is the right material at just the right time, and I want to see you take it far and wide.  Thank you:  I and all the participants really got a lot out of being part of it.  Please keep us in the loop and let us know how we can help you grow it.  Keep being awesome!!!" Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

"I now have such a renewed sense of energy thanks to the women in the room and the powerful presentations by the two men as well. I took away how to give a better, shorter, more precise presentation, I learned about contacting very different types of media for different types of events. I got to help others and see them shine. Overall, this was the best way I could have spent my weekend." Wendy Engelberg founder of Girls Gone Riding

Why Get Involved?

"My involvement in Women on Bikes California and Pedal Love has opened up so many unique opportunities for me. Aside from earning a scholarship to become a League Cycling Instructor, I also have a network of support consisting of young women who share similar interests in community organizing and promoting their love of bicycles. This support system has empowered me to do more work in the community, develop as a leader and openly become a resource for people who simply want to have more confidence on the bike."

Maria Sipin writes the "License to Ride" Blog column for Pedal Love and along with Daniella Alcedo hosts #WomenTalkBikes for Pedal Love on BikeTalk.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship...

This day and a half training is just the beginning of your participation in Active Living Plugged In! Moving forward you'll have the opportunity to participate in further mentorship opportunities, peer to peer coaching, and professional development trainings. And most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to play your part as the new voice for Active Living in California collaborating with Women on Bikes, the California Bicycle Coalition and its membership coalitions as we work to create a dramatic culture shift! Note: Each participate who participates will receive a certificate of participation.

About Women on Bikes California

Members of the Pedal Love creative team gathered in December for an Active Living Plugged In training session. From left upper: Jennifer Tetrick and Melissa Balmer. From left lower: Kellie Morris, Sarah Bennett, Maria Sipin and Machiko Yasuda. Image by Allan Crawford.

Members of the Pedal Love creative team gathered in December for an Active Living Plugged In training session. From left upper: Jennifer Tetrick and Melissa Balmer. From left lower: Kellie Morris, Sarah Bennett, Maria Sipin and Machiko Yasuda. Image by Allan Crawford.

Since launching originally in September 2011 originally as Women on Bikes SoCal, Women on Bikes California has created a growing and dynamic online platform via our website, original photography and social media to hone the talent and voice of women (and now men too!) passionate about sharing their love of bicycling. In 2012 Women on Bikes granted scholarships for ten women to become certified instructors and hosted the first “female only” class for the League of American Bicyclists' intensive training program.

Our creative team members and events have been featured in American Bicyclist (multiple), Apparel News, Atlantic Cities, Bicycling Magazine, Bicycling Retailer, CNN Blogs, The Gazettes (multiple),, KABC News, KCAL 9 News, KPFK, KPCC's Air Talk, LA Observed, Los Angeles Magazine, The (multiple), The Los Angeles Times, Momentum Magazine (multiple), The Press Telegram (multiple), Refinery 29 and more.

Your Hosts and Facilitators

Melissa Balmer – Director/Founder Women on Bikes California

A writer, speaker, and media relations specialist Melissa's mission is to bring the connecting power of storytelling to showcase the bike as a tool for optimism. Her active living projects include being a creative team member for Bike Long Beach’s “Share Our Streets” multi-media information campaign, 2012 Host Facilitator and Media Coordinator for the 2012 Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place Conference, and 2013 Summit Coordinator for the California by Bike Summit. Melissa serves on the national Women Bike “Marketing & Media” committee.

Charlie Gandy – Vice Chair/California Bicycle Coalition

A nationally recognized expert in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy, Charlie is a popular consultant and speaker known for sparking innovation. Charlie founded Bike Texas, created the Thunderhead Alliance retreat for biking and walking advocates, and the Bike Friendly Business Districts program in collaboration with Bike Long Beach.

As a program facilitator he has organized trainings in all fifty states and played a role in launching more than 30 biking and walking advocacy organizations around the U.S. Charlie has recently been featured on the cover of the OC Weekly, on KPCC’s Air Talk and in the Los Angeles Times  for his leadership in bike advocacy.

Allan Crawford - Executive Director Bikeable Communities

Allan's background is in geology and he holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin. The former Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Long Beach, he is an active volunteer for the bicycle advocacy organization Bikeable Communities. Allan is an accomplished videographer and professional photographer. His images have appeared on the cover of American Bicyclist, Momentum Magazine, Road Magazine, and in Bicycling Magazine, The Press Telegram, The Long Beach Register and more.  His images and videos are also used frequently by statewide and national advocacy organizations.

Please note: Brian Addison Managing Editor of, Kellie Morris and other members of the Pedal Love team will also be participating in this training!

The goal of Active Living Plugged In over the next three years is to recruit and train 500 Californians, mostly women, to confidently speak up and be heard on the Active Living Agenda in their communities. We know that with 500 new well trained and influential voices resonating across the state, far more people will recognize the importance of this message and join our movement.