Leen Isabel

Leen Isabel's Artful Take on Pedal Love

Image of Leen Isabel by Allan Crawford

Image of Leen Isabel by Allan Crawford

This spring we held our very first storytelling contest by asking women in Southern California to share with us as creatively as possible why they needed a new bike. Up for grabs was the above bright orange Electra Amsterdam city bike and an Electra Cruiser. Both are like new. They've been in storage since the end of 2012 when we'd used them in two photo shoots and a bike + fashion show at the end of the Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place conference.

So you can imagine my delight when I opened the submission from freelance graphic designer Leen Isabel and found that she had created a whole comic dedicated to Pedal Love and her recent discovery of the joy of riding a bike. Take a look at at the witty, artful way she tells us why she's hooked on biking but now needs a bike that's just right for her

To read the full comic in all its wonderfulness go here: http://leenisabel.com/portfolio/pedal-love/.

This past weekend Allan Crawford and I had the pleasure of meeting both Leen and her husband and taking the photo at top. Here's what she had to say about winning:

"I'm so grateful to PedalLove and Made Long Beach for this amazing contest. It's truly my dream bike! I'm looking forward to riding to work in style everyday and when I have a free weekend, I'm heading to the beach with it! (And like in my comic, I'm taking my hubby with me! -_^)" 

Now let's keep our fingers crossed that Leen falls even more in love with bicycling on her snazzy new ride and that she decides to share more artful pedal love adventures with us all.

About Leen Isabel

Leen Isabel is a Los Angeles based freelance illustrator who has worked on various media projects including logo/graphic design, book covers, t-shirt graphics, illustration, and website design. When she creates pin-up art, she uses her love for aerial dance to influence her work; to her, it’s important to express the beauty and strength of women. She loves comic books, cosplay, her husband and her cats. Leen received degrees in Studio Arts and in Art History at UC Irvine and has also attended Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and Gnomon School of Visual Effects.