How to Become a Masterful Storyteller

In Part II of Pedal Love's Storytelling Toolkit "How to Become a Masterful Storyteller" we break down for you step by step the tools, tips and skills you need to transform your storytelling and presentation skills. Visit this page often this fall as we share first here online the chapters of Part II before creating a downloadable pdf.

Download Part I of our Storytelling Toolkit here for free as a downloadable pdf.

Why Not You?

Here it is in a short sweet nutshell: We need you. We need your voice, your unique story, your passion to make our streets safer, healthier and more economically vibrant. And we need you to tell this story of yours in as compelling a way as possible...

Finding the Heart of Your Story

To inspire others to become engaged with your work and your brand you've got to be very clear on why you're doing what you're doing. Here's how!


Why Storytelling Matters

Numerous reports in the past decade have proven what great storytellers have known since ancient times – the human brain is wired for story. It’s how we best make sense of the world around us. Melissa delves into why.

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Storytelling for Media Placement

A new map and new approach is needed. It's no longer just the case of writing a press release, it's time to weave storytelling into your media outreach strategy. Here's how!

The Keys to Masterful Storytelling

There are 4 key things all great stories do, and 7 key steps you can take right now to become a more masterful storyteller personally, and a more compelling story as a brand.


Storytelling for Compelling Presentations

This pdf of Melissa's powerpoint presentation from the 2017 National Bike Summit includes:

  • The science behind storytelling
  • 10 keys to crafting engaging stories
  • 5 ways to put power into your powerpoints
  • 11 steps to memorable presentations

Click here to download.

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