I Dream of Lady Sunset - by Judi Tentor

I need a new bright orange bicycle so that women in my community can see me riding on a cheerful bicycle. My current bicycle is in need of a lot of repair and because it is such an old bicycle it is hard to get parts for it. I have ridden it many miles and it is ready for the bicycle retirement home.

My goal while riding bicycle is to set an example, to show people, especially women, that riding a bicycle can be useful and stylish and incredibly joyful. Bright and happy bicycle frame colors attract attention. I like to wave to people in cars and on foot when ever I can while riding. One of these lovely bicycles (especially the orange Amsterdam) would certainly attract positive attention as I ride to the store, to the library, and to meetings. Did I mention that orange is my FAVORITE color? I believe in riding bicycles for transportation. I want women to understand how easy it is to ride and that is best accomplished by example and by education. I love to talk to people about riding. I love to tell people that riding can change a life, can help anyone get stronger and more beautiful, and can save money too! The orange Electra Amsterdam bicycle, if I am fortunate enough to win, I will call Mango. Mango and I will tango through the streets. Our dancing will inspire lots of people to start riding bicycles. If I were to win the pink bicycle, I would call it Lady Sunset. Everyone loves a sunset and my riding would inspire others to enjoy more sunsets by bicycle..

Judi Tentor won our Electra Cherry Cruiser. Of winning Judi says, "Lady Sunset and I will be cruising the streets of historic Mission Hills very soon! Thank you so much for such a happy looking bicycle."