Yes! You Can Ride Like the Dutch!

Anne Marij Van Leengoed riding with her children.

Anne Marij Van Leengoed riding with her children.

When you travel locally in the Netherlands, you just jump on a bike and go. It’s second nature, and trips around town with the kids are no exception.

So when I moved to the US with my family in 2008, I obviously brought my ‘Mom’ bike, complete with specially designed front and rear child seats. With this setup, I seamlessly integrated my Dutch riding habits into my new American life, and my family was having a blast as a result. So much fun in fact, we started receiving a lot of attention from flabbergasted bystanders. They were shocked by how well I managed biking with my kids, but honestly it’s easy with the right equipment.

We ride regularly where we live in Pacific Palisades, to school, the park, and I actually now commute at least once a week to my store/office in Santa Monica.

My drive to share my passion for this fun and active cycling lifestyle was my initial motivation for starting my business: importing and distributing the Gazelle Dutch bikes and the Yepp child bicycle seats in North America.

Just over a year ago, I opened AIKA the urban cycling store in Santa Monica. Fully catering to family and urban biking with only the highest quality brands. We provide everything you need to incorporate the Dutch cycling spirit and style into your everyday life.

Thanks to the hard work of bike advocacy organizations here and across the U.S., there have been vast improvements in biking infrastructure and a revitalization in urban cycling. It’s amazing to experience America’s rapidly growing bike culture, and it feels great every time we’re able to help another community member find the right bike or spread the Yepp child bicycle seats all over the country. It’s a great indication more and more families are embracing the joys of cycling.

I am really excited about our upcoming Family Cargo Bike Event Sunday Feb 27th, after all that’s how it all started. The timing seems perfect with more and more families curious about riding and wanting to learn more. Parents can test ride a full range of different cargo bikes while kids enjoy fun activities, such as face painting, a jumpy house, and diverse arts & crafts. I’m hoping this event will help uncover the secret world of health, happiness, and true connectivity that can be achieved through family cycling.

Not only does biking bring families closer together, but it’s such an empowering tool. Teaching children how to bike builds their confidence, puts them on a path for living a healthy and active lifestyle, and instills in them an appreciation for cycling at an early age. By the time they are teenagers, they will automatically want to bike. They will learn independence and responsibility at a young age, and you know what that means Mom’s, you will not be driving them around everywhere.

I’m really looking forward to welcoming you & your family! Everyone is invited and the event is free.

Family Cargo Bike Event

February 27, 2016

11AM to 5PM

2300 Lincoln Blvd #1

Santa Monica, CA 90405