Welcome! Ready to start becoming a better storyteller for more active, mindful mobility?

This kit is for you if you want to elevate the voice and impact of women in your organization. It's for you whether you're local grass roots advocacy, or a regional, statewide, or nationally focused organization. It's for you whether you're a city's public works department or business district, a city, regional or statewide transit agency, or entrepreneur with a great biking, walking or public transit product. It's for you if you're making great products to help get women out biking, walking and living a healthy active lifestyle.

Why is this toolkit so needed?

  • Women are 50.8% of the U.S. population
  • Drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence

And yet...

  • Feel worse today about their bodies than they did 30 years ago according to a 2014 study by Glamour Magazine.
  • Only 1 in 10 news stories have women as a central focus**
  • In 1999 women made up 36.9% of U.S. newsroom staffs now, it’s 36.3%**
  • There is less coverage of women’s sports today than in 1989*

**Source: The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2015 Report

Part I of the Storytelling Toolkit focuses on:

  • Making the case for why we need to focus on elevating the voice and impact of women in active mindful mobility
  • Understanding why great storytelling is our most powerful leadership and capacity building tool
  • Finding the heart of you and your organization's most compelling stories

Please note: Our Storytelling Toolkit is a work in progress.  We are laying out Part II (coming in September 2016) and III (coming in October 2016) in the same way before beginning final edits to create the Storytelling Toolkit as an e-book.

Our Storytelling Toolkit is formatted so that it's easy to read on a laptop.

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