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Pedal Love: Cultivating Civil Streets Conversations for California will be a comprehensive online communications guide and resource platform to facilitate respectful, accurate and effective coverage and civic engagement on bicycling, walking and transit use in California. Our emphasis will be on the specific needs and opportunities of/for women, young adults, and under-served communities, especially those for whom bicycling, walking and taking transit is a need rather than a luxury.

The call for such a guide stems from the rapid growth of bicycling in our state and beyond, and our dismay over the media’s often very adversarial “car vs. bike” tone in its coverage. Even some of the most seasoned journalists and media outlets have jumped into creating controversy rather than comprehension in their coverage. On February 15, 2014 there are 714 listed news stories on Google with "Car vs. Bike" in the title. Those who drive cars and those who ride bikes are not at war.

It's time to humanize the topic of transportation. We're all people first rather than drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians.

What we've completed of Phase I of the guide:

What we're working on Phase I of the guide for spring/summer 2015:

  • Collecting/sharing the results of our first plain language survey "Let's Talk About Our Streets."
  • Releasing our plain language survey #2
  • Pitching key leaders/trendsetters in both California and the nation to regional and national media for Bike Month May 2015, as well as for this summer and holiday season - in process.
  • Collecting/preparing a data base of bike-friendly female leaders across the state who are interested in growing the civil streets conversation.
  • Collecting "key word' and "key phrases" data - so that we can ascertain the language we most want to see modified for more positive coverage
  • Writing and posting Phase I of the media guide.

Phase II of the guide is to host a series of forums for "Creating Civil Streets Conversations" across California

  • We'll be looking to host these as both live and online forums in collaboration with radio stations and other news outlets, universities, community colleges, and organizations passionate about creating more peaceful and vibrant city streets for everyone. Is that you? Get in touch! Contact Melissa Balmer at (562) 612-0197 or email

This project has been inspired by the Buddhist concept of Maitri, the Mindfulness movement,  the non-violent approach to the Civil Rights Movement, and the Civil Conversations project of

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