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Excellent! What works best for you? Sharing your time and talent, or sharing financial support?

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Donations, Sponsorships & Our Wish List

Our financial goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of December 2014 so that we can focus on our organizational goals of:

Completing Phase I of the Pedal Love: Having Civil Streets Conversations for California and Beyond

To make things easy we have a variety of subscription, donation and sponsorship opportunities. As an initiative of the California Bicycle Coalition your subscriptions/donations and sponsorship to Women on Bikes California are tax deductible. You can submit payment two ways:

  • Donations can be made directly online safely and easily here via Stripe software. Unlike Paypal there is no need to create your own Stripe account. All you need to do is click!
  • Donations can made via check to "California Bicycle Coalition Education Fund" and mailed to Melissa Balmer/jWomen on Bikes California 1152 E. 1st St. #304, Long Beach CA 90802.

What this investment will make possible:

Prefer to sponsor something tangible? Here's our wish list!

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