Do you pedal passion & possibilities or problems?


Happy Valentine's week to you.

Today I want to express my appreciation for our growing readership from people not only in the U.S. but around the world. Welcome Mexico, Portugal, Italy, Tanzania and beyond! Thank you.

Last week in a blog the brilliant culture shifter Seth Godin asked what do you choose to see when you look at the world, giving an example of what he meant by sharing that an artist or an architect notices very different things when they step into an art museum.

We live on an incredibly beautiful planet. Don't you agree?

But it's also a world of chronic challenges like diabetes and asthma, traffic congestion and pollution, many of which have been brought about by our voracious hunger for more - more stuff, more speed, more space.

You are someone who wants to be part of the solution for these challenges. You're passionate about it, or you wouldn't be reading these blogs would you?

As we honor Valentine's Day this week I'd like to ask you a tough question - are you fully a part of the cure, or are you still living very much in the mindset of the disease?

Are you peddling passion and possibility or problems?

I ask because until very recently I was still living a lot in the mindset of the disease. I was still coming in large part from a place of problems and lack and fear and dread and worry and - here's a big one you might know well - criticism.

Here's the concept that flipped the script for me to move more and more into solution living:

The mindset of a problem and the mindset of a solution are two very different things. You cannot be in the solution if you're still beating the drum of the problem.

When you're beating the drum of the problem you often don't see the most easy and elegant solutions.

But don't take my word for it. Watch Seth demonstrate it with a great short story of learning how to really see at a Creative Mornings event.

Effective leaders and movements embody solutions. Yes, they analyze the problem - that's what rallied them forth in the first place - but then they switch from focusing on the problem to bringing radically fresh approaches for the cure.

Want to stop global warming? Traffic deaths and congestion? Sedentary diseases? Save the bike industry?

Here are 3 steps you can take this week that will revolutionize your work and your leadership capabilities:

>> Decide to peddle your passion, love and kindness over criticism of yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and your competitors. Yes. It's a choice. What can you celebrate in yourself, your team, your competitors, your family?

>> Study the tools and tactics of the great culture shifters throughout history that have absolutely nothing to do with your field of work.

>> Decide to be a creative. It doesn't matter if you don't consider yourself a designer in any way, can't draw, paint, sculpt or even like to write much. You are a creative problem solver. You are a creative. Consider attending a Creative Mornings breakfast lecture series event in your city. Yes, they're worldwide.

As I close today I want to share another wonderful super short video from Creative Mornings with 3D software innovator Ping Fu on pleasure, flow and meaning. Enjoy!

Yours in creating culture shift to more active, mindful mobility!