For Immediate Release - Women, Better Health and Electric Bikes—3 of the 12 Reasons Bicycling Continues to Gain Popularity in the U.S.

October 19, 2017

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Re: Women, Better Health and Electric Bikes—3 of the 12 Reasons Bicycling Continues to Gain Popularity in the U.S.

The Compelling New Report "The Surprising Promise of Bicycling" by veteran writer Jay Walljasper Showcases Growing Opportunity for Bikes for the U.S.

Note: Both print and web resolution images from the report are available upon request


Los Angeles CA /Minneapolis MN- Americans looking for a fun, easy, inexpensive way to make their lives happier and healthier should jump on a bike. In the new report "The Surprising Promise of Bicycling in America" former Utne Reader editor Jay Walljasper spells out 12 reasons Americans of all backgrounds are embracing bicycling in order to enjoy more vital, contented and connected lives. The report is available to download for free now at:

Three of the surprising reasons that signal bicycling will continue to grow in the U.S. are the rise of women as bike activists, the physical and mental benefits of bicycling, and the rise of electric bikes as the fastest growth market in the bike industry. The report not only chronicles each of the 12 reasons, but highlights them with images and personal stories of "Gear Shifters"—people around the country who exemplify the trend. They include Black Girls Do Bike Founder/National Director Monica Garrison of Pittsburg PA; Washington State's first Director of Active Transportation Barb Chamberlain; and Jeff Miller, who is now D.C.'s Cycling Concierge.

More  reasons for why bicycling’s popularity will continue to rise—increased diversity among riders, the rise of the Safe Routes to School movement, better bikeway networks in many towns, mounting evidence bicycling fosters vibrant communities and combats climate change, the dawning age of autonomous vehicles, and the emerging influence of bike planning and advocacy as a profession.

Walljasper is an authority on how to create stronger, healthier and more friendly communities. The author of The Great Neighborhood Book and America’s Walking Renaissance, he has chronicled the recent boom in urban revitalization in a wide variety of appearances and publications, ranging from the Christian Science Monitor to Huffington Post and Mother Earth News.

When Walljasper connected with the Pedal Love Founder Melissa Balmer and long-time bike advocate Charlie Gandy early in 2017, stars aligned to create this report, which will be published as a book in time in time for National Bike Month in May 2018.  Special thanks for Bosch eBike Systems North America for their support in developing the report.

The crowdsourcing campaign for expanding the report and formatting as both a print and e-book launches in early November 2017. Learn more at: If you have any challenges accessing the report a link can be emailed to you. To connect with Jay Walljasper or Melissa Balmer with questions or interview requests please contact Melissa at cell (562) 221-9672.


About Jay Walljasper

Jay Walljasper is a writer, speaker and consultant focused on vital, equitable, sustainable communities.  He is Senior Fellow at Project for Public Spaces and an Urban-Writer-in-Residence at Augsburg College in Minneapolis.  His books include America’s Walking Renaissance; The Great Neighborhood book: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Placemaking.

He has chronicled the boom in bicycling and walking since the 1990s in a wide variety of appearances and publications, ranging from Christian Science Monitor to Utne Reader.  He’s also worked with People for Bikes, League of American Bicyclists, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Alta Planning, CEOs for Cities, the Kresge Foundation and Kaiser Permanente. Learn more at

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