For Immediate Release - Female Led Silicon Valley Start Up Promises More Heels on Wheels! Learn How at the 4/22-24 Palo Alto Electric Bike Expo

For Immediate Release - April 19, 2016

From: Melissa Balmer/Media Relations for Tempo Bicycles - Cell (562)221-9672

Note: Images of Van Nguyen and Tempo's line of bikes are available upon request - Van shown below.


San Jose CA - Yes, you can ride a bike easily in heels Silicon Valley's Van Nguyen will prove it this weekend 4/22-24 at the Electric Bike Expo in Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center. The event is free and over 2,000 people are expected to attend. Save time by registering online in advance at:

Nguyen didn’t set out to be one of the only female leaders of a bike company in the U.S., but now she’s determined to improve the future of urban commuting by making everyday riding more enjoyable. It all started off as a leisurely bike ride with her two young sons around the neighborhood. Nguyen was thrilled they enjoyed learning to ride as much as she had as a child, until it became clear Mom was going to be left behind soon if she didn't become a faster rider, or quickly find an alternative solution.  

“A friend told me about electric bikes, which are very popular in Europe. On trips to my local bike shops, I discovered bikes for riding in the Tour de France, for racing in an Ironman, and electric bikes with more buttons than my iPhone. What I didn’t find were electric bikes for moms who just want to ride with her kids to school, to have coffee with friends, or visit the local shops. It was a confusing and complicated process for a non-cyclist.”

As a marketing executive and veteran in high tech for over 20 years, Nguyen has launched many industry first’s with companies such as Microsoft, Philips and Dupont. Not one to give up, Nguyen was convinced there had to be an electric bicycle (ebike) that was right for her -- one that was the right size, easy to use and comfortable to ride. When she couldn't find one, she decided to build one herself. The company launched its inaugural line last spring and the results have been promising.

“EBikes are the next frontier of bike technology and Tempo is leading with a smart, sexy, easy to use female friendly approach that we haven’t seen enough of yet in the bike world.” Says Charlie Gandy, Vice Chair of the California Bicycle Coalition who is a special consultant for Tempo. “In Western European cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, women are 50% of the bike riding public, they’re only a quarter of that in the U.S. EBikes are going to be crucial for closing that gap.”

“I want to inspire women, especially busy moms like me, to see how easy and fun it can be to incorporate riding (a bike) into our daily routine. Part of my motivation for starting Tempo was to make a bike that I could ride in normal clothes without having to be a bike racer or bike mechanic. I also love my heels so why shouldn’t I ride in them? We shouldn’t have to compromise style and performance,” commented Nguyen. “Participating in the 2016 EBike Expo has been a wonderful experience. I’m connecting with so many women and men who share the same views. I’m looking forward to showing off our latest Tempo bikes.”

More About The Tempo Bikes

Unlike most eBikes, Tempo hybrid electric bicycles were designed from the ground up. They don't have external gears, nor do they have greasy steel chains. Instead they offer advanced technologies such as an automatic transmission hub by Nuvinci, a powerful mid-drive motor, a Gates carbon belt drive, an integrated lithium battery and a smartphone app. The current models - Carmel, Santa Barbara and La Jolla - are "city" bikes and come in female friendly sizes. Oddly enough many women’s bike frames in the U.S. are too large for more petite women.

Whether you’re looking to commute to work, run errands or simply go for an occasional fun stroll around the neighborhood, there’s a perfect Tempo bicycle for you. Tempo bicycles are only sold through an exclusive network of authorized dealers. They are available now at Urban Bike Fitters in Fremont and ELV in Santa Clara, with new dealers throughout the U.S. coming this summer. Contact for more info or stop by the Tempo booth at the Electric Bike Expo this weekend for a free test ride.

Your Chance to Win a Tempo Bike at the Electric Bike Expo!

Tempo is proud to be the Electric Bike Expo’s charity sponsor. Four local charities will be selling $5 raffle tickets for a chance at winning a brand new Tempo hybrid electric bicycle. Over 2,200 people attended the event in San Diego in February and more are expected in Palo Alto. Register for free in advance here:


About Tempo Bicycles

Tempo Bicycles is an innovator of human-powered personal mobility and an advocate of healthy and sustainable everyday living. At Tempo, we believe in a better world. Tempo electric bicycles enable more people to bike and help people to bike more often. Our mission is to empower everyone to live a healthier and greener lifestyle by making bicycling more enjoyable. Follow the social media conversation at #FindYourTempo and learn more at

Tempo is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) company.

9/18 Vision Zero Media Briefing by Bike in Long Beach with Leading National Expert

 Leah Shahum by Lisa Beth Anderson.

Leah Shahum by Lisa Beth Anderson.

Please join us on Friday September 18th for a very special media briefing.

Over 30,000 people each year die in traffic collisions and thousands more are seriously injured. If this was the safety record for a U.S. airline no one would fly it. L.A. is the hit and run county of the country. It's time to rethink how we approach traffic.

California is leading in Vision Zero interest and commitment on the goal to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries within a focused period of time while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. 

In Southern California Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles included Vision Zero in LA's newly updated mobility plan, San Diego has already put their own Vision Zero plan into play as well. Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal is leading the call for Long Beach and Santa Ana is also working on it.
We invite you and your colleagues to join us to learn about what Vision Zero can help make possible for Southern California from the Vision Zero expert for North America:

  • 2:00 to 4:00 pm for a Vision Zero media briefing by bike - a slow, easy tour of Long Beach with Leah Shahum Executive Director of the Vision Zero Network and Charlie Gandy Vice Chair of the California Bicycle Coalition will show you hands on the opportunities of Vision Zero illustrated in Long Beach.
  • The tour starts from Bikestation 223 E. 1st St., Long Beach 90802 - bikes are available for rental from Bikestation (562) 436-2453.

About Leah Shahum

The Founder and Director of the Vision Zero Network is Leah Shahum, bringing nearly two decades of proven success championing movements to advance active transportation. Leah served as the longtime Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, leading significant change on the streets and in the policies of this leading city. She also served as a policy maker on the Boards of Directors of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District and the SF Municipal Transportation Agency, and the national Alliance for Biking and Walking. Learn more about her work here.

About Charlie Gandy

Charlie Gandy is a nationally recognized expert in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. He is a popular consultant and speaker known for sparking innovation. Charlie founded Bike Texas, created the Thunderhead Alliance retreat for biking and walking advocates and originated and developed the Bike Friendly Business Districts program in collaboration with Bike Long Beach.

Charlie is the Vice President of the California Bicycle Coalition's board. He has led more than 500 individuals from professional organizations, civic leadership,themedia and others passionate about creating great cities on tours of Long Beach both by biking and walking. He is currently working on a book about how America is falling back in love with the bike and his 25 years as a bike advocate. You can find his writing here.