For Immediate Release - The New Pedal Love Culture & Lifestyle Council Celebrates the Joy and Opportunity of Bicycling for Women

For Immediate Release  September 8, 2016

From: Melissa Balmer - Founder/Director Pedal Cell 562.221.9672 Email:

Re: The New Pedal Love Culture & Lifestyle Council Celebrates the Joy and Opportunity of Bicycling for Women


Los Angeles, CA -A group of 18 thought leaders, women passionate about creating safer, more active, more sustainably vibrant and equitable streets, have come together to strategize on humanizing and normalizing bicycling for women and their families in the face of the tremendous cost of our current car-centric, speed-focused culture. The timely group began forming this past spring, prior to last week’s U.S. Department of Transportation call to action for advocacy groups, tech firms and the concerned public to help analyze and share ideas on reducing the number of car crashes in the U.S. -- an alert issued in response to the dramatic increase of 7.2% more people dying in traffic-related crashes in 2015 over 2014.

Launched this week,“The Pedal Love Culture & Lifestyle Council” celebrates how bicycling is revolutionizing the personal health and well-being, financial wellness, and community spirit of women and their families across the U.S. The eighteen-month project consisting of leadership development, storytelling platform, and a traditional and social media outreach campaign focuses on measurably increasing the sharing and media coverage of positive, compelling stories about women and bicycling. The project gives center stage to casual bicycling as a happy activity and joyful form of transportation -- an activity that nearly anyone can participate in, whether they’re 3 years old or 93 years young.

"This council touches on something that is important, humanizing the face of bicycling through storytelling. I ride my bike almost every day, as a commuter and with my family, and I appreciate this council for reminding us that the bicyclists we see on the road are our neighbors, friends, and community members, people we want to keep safe.” said the Honorable T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, Vice Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. “I bike because it is convenient and fun, but I never forget that it also must be safe.  If we work together, we can help ensure that biking is safe and welcoming for everyone who wants to use this form of transportation."

The Pedal Love Council consists of women recognized nationally as leaders in bicycling, from advocates to policy experts, from entrepreneurs to change agents. All are culture shifters with proven track records of accomplishment in bicycling and beyond and the talent to effectively communicate the opportunities the bike provides as a vehicle for optimism, happiness, and well-being in the lives of women and their families today. The current group of 18 “spokeswomen” will expand as the project advances, and will also include an extended network of contacts for women of all ages, races and backgrounds across the country who’ve discovered the joy and opportunity of biking. All women/trans women who love riding their bikes will be invited to join the conversation and share their stories, showcasing the diversity of women who ride.

The project seeks to normalize and humanize bicycling in the U.S. through storytelling with:

Personal stories of women and their families who have transformed their lives by bike. Stories will be shared of women and their families whose physical, financial, and mental health and well-being have been radically improved through bicycling. While the sport of cycling will be included, the focus will be on the huge opportunity for growth in bicycling by the casual everyday or occasional rider, who has often been overlooked in marketing and outreach efforts by the bike industry. Follow and share your own stories with these hashtags on Twitter and Instagram: #PedalLove, #MindfulMobility,  #SelfPowered, #Women4MindfulMobility and #WomenBike.

Asking the U.S. to re-think how we take short trips. Private vehicles like cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs account for 60 percent of trips of a mile or less. Why not bicycle? The Pedal Love Council will offer tips on how to make short trips by bike easy, with expertise from women who live car-free and car-light lifestyles.

Emphasizing human life over cars and speed. How many members of your family are you willing to sacrifice to become a crash statistic? If your answer is zero, then the Vision Zero Network campaign is achievable. The car is a wonderful tool but a terrible master, and improving street conditions for people biking and walking in every neighborhood also improves conditions for people who are driving. Follow this conversation on Twitter and Instagram with: #VisionZero #CrashNotAccident

Highlighting the need for a transportation justice lens to be applied in developing bike connections and making streets safe for all. Women in particular hold lower-wage jobs in the economy, making transportation costs critical in household budgets and biking potentially a sensible choice. At the same time they can feel unsafe on streets where harassment occurs or where physical infrastructure does not provide a sense of security. Further, lower-income neighborhoods are often the last to receive investments in bike connections, and law enforcement efforts can disproportionately affect communities of color. Addressing issues of equity and social justice in bike planning meets the needs of women in particular, while making bicycling more accessible and welcoming for all kinds of riders. follow this conversation with: #MoveEquity #Bikes4All.

Recognizing the bike is a sustainable tool for dealing with traffic, CO2 emissions, neighborhood connectivity and economic vibrancy. Cities across the country that build safe, high-quality, networked bicycle infrastructure see an exponential increase in bicycling and related business activity. At the same time bicycles support local business growth, Smart Growth America notes that the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2014 recommended modal shifts from driving to walking, bicycling, and transit as a key mitigation strategy. Yet the transportation infrastructure in the United States has not been designed and constructed to invite an increase in pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users. The Pedal Love Council will add its voice to advocacy efforts across the country asking policy-makers to increase investments in proven bicycle infrastructure on the city, state and national levels. When this type of infrastructure is built, local economies and clean air benefit.

Releasing the Pedal Love Council “action kit” in March of 2017. This kit will be for the media and policy makers to highlight the need, opportunities, and facts about how the bike improves the lives of women and their families on both the micro and macro levels.

The 18 founding members of the Pedal Love Culture & Lifestyle Council (complete biographies available at

Emilie Bahr - AICP, Urban planner and author of “Urban Revolutions: A Woman's Guide to Two-Wheeled Transportation,” New Orleans LA @EmilieBahr

Melissa Balmer - Founder/Director, Long Beach CA @PedalLove

Maria Boustead - Founder/Designer Po Campo Bike Bags, Brooklyn NY @po_campo

Robin Bylenga - Founder/CEO Pedal Chic Transforming Women’s Lives by Bike, Greenville SC @pedalchic

Maria Contreras Tebbutt - Founder/Director the Bike Campaign & Bike Garage of Woodland CA, Davis CA (Certified Bicycle Instructor by the League of American Bicyclists)

Barb Chamberlain - Chief Strategic Officer Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes, former Idaho state legislator, Seattle WA @barbchamberlain

Monica Garrison - Founder/Director Black Girls Do Bike, Growing a Community of Women/Girls of Color Who Share a Passion for Cycling With 55+ Chapters Across the U.S. + Antigua, Pittsburgh PA @blackgrlsdobike

Kit Keller - Policy Director Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, former City Council member and Police and Fire Commission President, Cedarburg WI @apbp

Janet Lafleur - Founder "Bike to Shop Day," and the One Women Many Bikes Blog, Mountain View CA @ladyfleur

Andrea Learned - Sustainability Thought Leadership Strategist, Seattle WA @AndreaLearned

Renee Yvonne Moore - Founder Bicycling & the City, Community Coordinator Washington Area Bicycle Associates, Temple Hills MD @girlonbluebike (Certified Bicycle Instructor by the League of American Bicyclists)

Kellie Morris - Founder/Director Bikeucation -  Long Beach CA (Certified Bicycle Instructor by the League of American Bicyclists)

Fionnuala Quinn - Founder/Director of the Bureau of Good Roads, Oak Hill VA @RoadsMovement

Megan Ramey - Founder/Director - Inspiring Two Wheeled Tourism for North America, Hood River OR @BIKABOUT

Martha Roskowski -  V.P. of Local Innovation People for Bikes, Leader of the Green Lane Project, Boulder CO, @GreenLaneProj

Leah Shahum - Founder/Director Vision Zero Network for North America, San Francisco CA @Visionzeronet

Lani Tarozzi - Founder/Owner - Smart Bicycling Accessories for Women, New York NY Instagram: tandemnyc/

Susi Wunsch - Founder/Editor - A Fresh Spin on City Cycling Lifestyle, New York NY @velojoy



Begun originally as a California-focused organization, Pedal Love expanded across the U.S. in 2016. We cultivate and promote a culture supportive of bicycling and healthy transportation options for the U.S. using storytelling, creative collaborations, leadership trainings, webinars, mentorships and proactive social and traditional media outreach, positioning women as leaders creating active, mindful mobility for all. We work to catalyze this culture through creative storytelling from both thought leaders and real people to engage hearts and minds and create healthier, happier, kinder behavior. Learn more at



For Immediate Release - Female Led Silicon Valley Start Up Promises More Heels on Wheels! Learn How at the 4/22-24 Palo Alto Electric Bike Expo

For Immediate Release - April 19, 2016

From: Melissa Balmer/Media Relations for Tempo Bicycles - Cell (562)221-9672

Note: Images of Van Nguyen and Tempo's line of bikes are available upon request - Van shown below.


San Jose CA - Yes, you can ride a bike easily in heels Silicon Valley's Van Nguyen will prove it this weekend 4/22-24 at the Electric Bike Expo in Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center. The event is free and over 2,000 people are expected to attend. Save time by registering online in advance at:

Nguyen didn’t set out to be one of the only female leaders of a bike company in the U.S., but now she’s determined to improve the future of urban commuting by making everyday riding more enjoyable. It all started off as a leisurely bike ride with her two young sons around the neighborhood. Nguyen was thrilled they enjoyed learning to ride as much as she had as a child, until it became clear Mom was going to be left behind soon if she didn't become a faster rider, or quickly find an alternative solution.  

“A friend told me about electric bikes, which are very popular in Europe. On trips to my local bike shops, I discovered bikes for riding in the Tour de France, for racing in an Ironman, and electric bikes with more buttons than my iPhone. What I didn’t find were electric bikes for moms who just want to ride with her kids to school, to have coffee with friends, or visit the local shops. It was a confusing and complicated process for a non-cyclist.”

As a marketing executive and veteran in high tech for over 20 years, Nguyen has launched many industry first’s with companies such as Microsoft, Philips and Dupont. Not one to give up, Nguyen was convinced there had to be an electric bicycle (ebike) that was right for her -- one that was the right size, easy to use and comfortable to ride. When she couldn't find one, she decided to build one herself. The company launched its inaugural line last spring and the results have been promising.

“EBikes are the next frontier of bike technology and Tempo is leading with a smart, sexy, easy to use female friendly approach that we haven’t seen enough of yet in the bike world.” Says Charlie Gandy, Vice Chair of the California Bicycle Coalition who is a special consultant for Tempo. “In Western European cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, women are 50% of the bike riding public, they’re only a quarter of that in the U.S. EBikes are going to be crucial for closing that gap.”

“I want to inspire women, especially busy moms like me, to see how easy and fun it can be to incorporate riding (a bike) into our daily routine. Part of my motivation for starting Tempo was to make a bike that I could ride in normal clothes without having to be a bike racer or bike mechanic. I also love my heels so why shouldn’t I ride in them? We shouldn’t have to compromise style and performance,” commented Nguyen. “Participating in the 2016 EBike Expo has been a wonderful experience. I’m connecting with so many women and men who share the same views. I’m looking forward to showing off our latest Tempo bikes.”

More About The Tempo Bikes

Unlike most eBikes, Tempo hybrid electric bicycles were designed from the ground up. They don't have external gears, nor do they have greasy steel chains. Instead they offer advanced technologies such as an automatic transmission hub by Nuvinci, a powerful mid-drive motor, a Gates carbon belt drive, an integrated lithium battery and a smartphone app. The current models - Carmel, Santa Barbara and La Jolla - are "city" bikes and come in female friendly sizes. Oddly enough many women’s bike frames in the U.S. are too large for more petite women.

Whether you’re looking to commute to work, run errands or simply go for an occasional fun stroll around the neighborhood, there’s a perfect Tempo bicycle for you. Tempo bicycles are only sold through an exclusive network of authorized dealers. They are available now at Urban Bike Fitters in Fremont and ELV in Santa Clara, with new dealers throughout the U.S. coming this summer. Contact for more info or stop by the Tempo booth at the Electric Bike Expo this weekend for a free test ride.

Your Chance to Win a Tempo Bike at the Electric Bike Expo!

Tempo is proud to be the Electric Bike Expo’s charity sponsor. Four local charities will be selling $5 raffle tickets for a chance at winning a brand new Tempo hybrid electric bicycle. Over 2,200 people attended the event in San Diego in February and more are expected in Palo Alto. Register for free in advance here:


About Tempo Bicycles

Tempo Bicycles is an innovator of human-powered personal mobility and an advocate of healthy and sustainable everyday living. At Tempo, we believe in a better world. Tempo electric bicycles enable more people to bike and help people to bike more often. Our mission is to empower everyone to live a healthier and greener lifestyle by making bicycling more enjoyable. Follow the social media conversation at #FindYourTempo and learn more at

Tempo is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) company.