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Starting in September 2016 Pedal Love launches an eighteen month project (part storytelling platform, part leadership development, and part traditional and social media outreach campaign) to focus on measurably increasing coverage of positive, compelling stories about women and bicycling in the regional and national media. The project gives center stage to casual bicycling as a happy activity - and joyful form of transportation - an activity that nearly anyone can participate in, whether they’re 3 years old or 93 years young.

The "Pedal Love Culture & Lifestyle Council" are women from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise in bicycling, from advocates to policy experts, from entrepreneurs to change agents. All are leaders and culture-shifters with proven track records, passion and talent to communicate the opportunities the bike provides as a vehicle for optimism and happiness in the lives of women today.

But this project isn't just about us. This is a call to action for women of of all ages, races, and backgrounds who have discovered the joy and opportunity of bicycling - and the women longing to ride again, or for the first time ever. We invite you to join us. We invite you to step up and share your story with these hashtags: #PedalLove #MindfulMobility #Women4MindfulMobility #SelfPowered and #WomenBike


Emilie Bahr - Urban Planner, Author "Urban Revolutions" - New Orleans LA

Specialties: Commuting by Bike, Urban Planning, Women & Biking, Writing

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Melissa Balmer - Founder/Director, Long Beach CA

Specialties: Living Car Free, Storytelling, The Power of Fashion + Bicycling for Sustainability, Keynote Speaker

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Maria Boutstead - Founder/Designer Po Campo Bags, Brooklyn NY

Specialties: Design, Retail, Web Commerce, Bike Commuting

Learn more about Maria

Robin Bylenga - Founder/CEO Pedal Chic, Greenville SC

Specialties: Retail, Saddle Fitting for Women, Bike Fitting for Women, Biking for Wellness, Bike Commuting

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Barb Chamberlain - Chief Strategic Officer Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes, Seattle WA

Specialties: State and National Biking Law & Policy, Social Media, Keynote Speaker

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Maria Contreras Tebutt - Founder/Director The Bike Campaign, Davis CA

Specialties: Certified Bicycling Instructor, Bilingual English/Spanish, Bike Commuting, Bike Kitchen

Learn more about Maria

Monica Garrison - Founder/Director Black Girls Do Bike Pittsburgh PA

Specialties: Women of Color & Biking, Creating Successful Riding Clubs, Creating Successful Rides,

Learn more about Monica

Kit Keller - Policy Director Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Cedarburg WI

Specialties: Educational Programming for Biking & Walking Professionals, Commuting by Bike, Errands by Bike. Learn more about Kit

Janet Lafleur - One Women Many Bikes blog, Founder "Bike to Shop Day"

Specialties: Bike Commuting, Bike Shopping, Marketing Bicycling to Women, Bike Events, Leadership

Learn more about Janet


Andrea Learned - Digital Thought Leader Strategist, Seattle WA

Specialties: Sustainability, Social Media Strategy for Sustainability Leaders, Writer, Keynote Speaker

Learn more about Andrea

Renee Moore - Founder/Creator Bicycling & the City, Community Organizer Washington Area Bicycle Associates, Temple Hills MD

Specialties: Certified Bicycle Education Instructor, Bike Safety, Fun Bike Events, Group Rides

Learn more about Renee

Kellie Morris - Founder Bikeucation, Long Beach CA

Specialties:  Certified Bicycle Education Instructor, Bike Safety, Group Rides, Shopping by Bike

Learn more about Kellie

Fionnuala Quinn - Founder/Director The Bureau of Good Roads, Oak Hill VA

Specialties: National, State + Local Advocacy for Street Design Excellence, Award Winning STEM Programming, STEM + STEAM Education for girls

Learn more about Fionnuala

Megan Ramey - Founder/Director Bikabout, Hood River OR

Specialties: Travel, City/Casual Bike Tourism, Biking with Children, Bike Friendly Tourism

Learn more about Megan

Martha Roskowski - V.P. of Local Innovation People for Bikes, Boulder CO

Specialties: The National "Green Lane Project," National & State Level Bicycle Advocacy, Keynote Speaker

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Leah Shahum - Founder/Director Vision Zero Network, San Francisco CA

Specialties: Vision Zero Planning & Policy, Keynote Speaker

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Lani Tarozzi - Founder/Designer TandemNY, New York NY

Specialties: Biking Commuting, Design, Style

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Susi Wunsch - Founder/Editor New York, NY

Specialties: Bike Commuting, Road Cycling, Writing, Bikes & Fashion

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