Timberley Jones, Relay Bikeshare, Atlanta GA


Timberley Jones is the founder of Spokes Digital Media, the Community Manager of Atlanta Georgia’s official Relay Bike Share program, and Program Supervisor for the Westside Bike Share Champion program. She is a marketing and community outreach specialist who utilizes grassroots marketing and digital storytelling to better connect lifestyle brands to the community. She’s a wonderful example of how bikes can bring people together and improve their lifestyle.

Her career in bikes started out in her hometown Virginia Beach, VA as a fun way to skip beach traffic. She instantly fell in love with the freedom and multipurpose functionality, and started biking everywhere. Timberley has successfully encouraged her close friends and family members to ride bikes as well.

Timberley’s diverse background allows her to connect with all types of bicyclists. She began in the bike industry as a sales rep and bike mechanic at a local bike shop in Atlanta, and found learning how to work on bikes empowering. In June 2016 Timberley started as the head mechanic for Relay Bike Share and by August she was promoted to the marketing and community outreach manager.

She regularly organizes, collaborates, and markets bicycling and safe street events around Atlanta on subjects such as “Urban Confidence Rides,” “Bike Share 101,” and grassroots and bike share topics. Find out more about her on Twitter and http://timberleyjones.com.