January/February 2012

We are still in our beta version here at WoBSoCal, still getting our legs under us as a full-fledged website magazine, and are so appreciative for the interest and support coming our way. Thank you! This new issue is much fuller and richer and we so hope you'll take time to wander through many pages for inspiration to get out and ride your very own way. You'll find the full issue's links just at the right.

This month we are delighted to share an insightful cover feature with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition's top two ladies Executive Director Jennifer Klausner and Planning & Policy Director Alexis Lantz. Photographer Allan Crawford, Makeup and Hair Goddess Yve Hart and I spent a wonderful afternoon in Long Beach getting to know both of these very special women a little better and learning what's on the horizon for their organization.

Both of our regular columnists Kerri Zane and April Economides have excellent new pieces. Kerri looks into "Biking to a New Resolution" in "Health by Bike" and April gives us an overview of Long Beach's "Bike Friendly Business District Program" she's created for the City.

This month I feel particularly blessed to have interviewed two women of great integrity and wisdom. This month we've launched a new column "Finding the Female Advocate Voice" where we will seek insight and ideas from women across a broad spectrum of specialties - not just bicycle and active living advocacy. As WoBSoCal is mostly a creation of words I decided Portland's author/writer/creativity coach Charlotte Rains Dixon (aka Wordstrumpet) would be the perfect person to launch the concept of finding our voice.

In "The Artistic Bike" this month we share Debi Kindler's poignant and joyful "The Road Back to Bikefulness." This article is especially touching and special to us here in Long Beach as it shares the late Mark Bixby's wonderful portraits of Debi celebrating her bike commute. I am very grateful to Theresa Bixby for allowing us to share these images.

This website would not be possible without Allan Crawford's amazing talent and generosity as a photographer, nor the support of the team at Bikeable Communities. We have a very special issue already lining up for our March issue and hope you'll not only stay tuned, but consider sharing your own "bike love" story with us. Write to me!

Here's to Happy & Healthy Bikefulnes in the New Year!