10x10 Girl Rising

Why Story Telling Matters - We're All Emotional Creatures at Heart!

Last week while filling out a "new media" grant application I was asked to share what I was most proud of in my life. As I turn 49 this Wednesday January 30th, it was particularly poignant timing. But I've already shared here on more than occasion what I'm so proud of (hint hint Women on Bikes SoCal) so instead I'd like to look forward and share one of the things I'd like to be most proud of in the future: utilizing emotionally engaging story telling to help engage and inspire a whole new audience of people who very much need daily exercise (and that's almost all of us) into riding a bike regularly.

I want to find a way to share a stories of riding bikes from around the world that will help encourage and empower your Mom, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, your uncle etc. to ride a bike. I want to use story telling to break down barriers whether of culture or language or style to motivate us to get moving on two wheels - and of course I want to rally others to join this cause (and have already!).

To that goal I want to become a good video editor, and I've been doing research and keeping lists of short compelling videos that have captured my attention. Just today I came across the 10x10 Educate Girls: Change the World video above via Twitter and well, it made me cry with both sadness and joy. Not only seeing these bright, beautiful faces of girls from around the world (born into almost unimaginable challenges) who are just looking for a chance to be all they can be, but also that very clearly the bike can be a tool for empowerment. I hope you'll take the time to watch it