Gestalt: my bike does not see the trees - but the forest, yes (a poem)

Bikes on a date while their humans enjoy a picnic at Camp Pollock, Sacramento, CA

Bikes on a date while their humans enjoy a picnic at Camp Pollock, Sacramento, CA

Your pathway absorbs the world in kaleidoscopic panorama


You are a mass of motion revolving pressure into the pavement

Air inside your tubes rotates. It breathes. It swims. It gasps                                                                              woosh   woosh   woosh    woosh                                                                                                                                 for pressurized competition with surface streets, powered by sinews and muscles and blood and tendons and joy

Your spokes tense as they display the omnipotent sun in flashes, blasts of metal from a central hub – a nucleus of connectivity rimmed with a circle of holey wonder 

What do you feel, bicycle, as you dance with the rhythm of forward movement – tangoing down a path of unpredictability? Rocks, shards, forks, debris strewn in your path.  Potholes embracing your entrance.

Can you feel the wind whistling through your chain ring, your chain, your derailleur, your human?

Do you mourn the times you are displayed in my kitchen? You, a piece of steel and rubber furniture, ever shivering, trembling, anxious for a symbiotic spin outside and away from here

Are you happy, bicycle, as you spin past the blurry world?

Fly, bike, fly.

About Charis Hill

Charis works for Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates as a fundraiser, event planner, and valet bicycle parking lead.  She is a professional model as well as an arthritis, autoimmune disease, and chronic disease advocate. Shortly after her move to California from North Carolina in 2011, unexplained health problems led to a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2013.  A.S. is a severe and progressive autoimmune disease that attacks the whole body with inflammation and pain, and is often acutely damaging to the spine with bone spurs and fusion.  A tricky and constantly changing balance of diet, medication, and riding her bicycle helps her manage the worst of the symptoms, but there is no cure for this form of Arthritis.

Charis Hill

Charis is a car-free bicycle advocate, healthcare advocate, and fashion model living in Sacramento, CA. A native North Carolinian and graduate of Meredith College in Raleigh, NC with a B.A. in Sociology (minors in Psychology and Women's Studies), she has lived in Sacramento since late 2011. Charis lives with a severe, progressive, autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis; her bike keeps her moving which is crucial to maintaining her current quality of life.