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Melissa Balmer - Director Pedal Love/Women on Bikes California

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Melissa is the Media Director for the California Bicycle Coalition and Director of PedalLove.org. She is a writer, media relations specialist and active living advocate. Her mission is to share the power of artistry and personally engaging storytelling to inspire. Her passion is to recruit fresh voices from diverse multi-generational perspectives to share their stories in traditional and new media platforms to engage new audiences in active living. Melissa has placed the Pedal Love initiative, its creative team, events and CalBike in local, regional, statewide and national news outlets such as the Associated Press, Bicycling Magazine, KABC News, KPCC's Airtalk, Los Angeles Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Momentum Magazine, the Sacramento Bee, the San Francisco Chronicle and more.

Melissa was a creative team member for the multimedia "Share Our Streets" marketing outreach campaign for Bike Long Beach, and has coordinated special events and bike + fashion shows for the Pro Walk Pro Bike: Pro Place 2012 conference, the 2013 + 2014 Bike Fest in Long Beach, "Know Your Neighborhood by Bike" tours for Bike Long Beach, and was Summit Coordinator for the Nov 2013 California by Bike Summit. For the summer of 2015 she led the Pedal Love team in creating the #BikeInstead #WalkInstead social media outreach campaign for Metro Los Angeles. She occasionally takes on freelance lifestyle clients. Email her here. She has lived car free since 2007. Image by Lisa Beth Anderson.

Charlie Gandy

Pedal Love Podcast, Travels with Charlie Blog, Long Beach Biking and Walking Tours

Charlie is a nationally recognized expert in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. He is a popular consultant and speaker known for sparking innovation. Charlie founded Bike Texas, created the Thunderhead Alliance retreat for biking and walking advocates and originated and developed the Bike Friendly Business Districts program in collaboration with Bike Long Beach.

As a program facilitator he has organized trainings in all fifty states and played a role in launching more than 30 biking and walking advocacy organizations around the U.S. including the California Bicycle Coalition, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and the Alliance for Biking and Walking. Recently he's been on KPCC’s Bike Curious and Air Talk shows and featured in the Los Angeles Times for his leadership in bike advocacy. He is the Vice President of the California Bicycle Coalition's board and regularly takes professional organizations, civic leaders, media and others passionate about creating great cities on tours of Long Beach both by biking and walking. He is currently working on a book about how America is falling back in love with the bike and his 25 years as a bike advocate. Image by Allan Crawford. Contact him here for media interviews or to set up a biking or walking tour of Long Beach.

Daniella Alcedo

#WomenTalkBikes audio podcast for Bike Talk

Daniella Alcedo is the founder and current chair of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition, a local regional chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. She leads the monthly Ride Around Pomona (RAP) rides once a month in Pomona. She is also a League Cycling Instructor from the League of American Bicyclists. She looks to empower individuals to cycle more often and safely and works for Alta Planning in Los Angeles.




Kimberly Alexander

Pedal Love Podcast, Marketing and Development Strategist

Kimberly loves being part of the Active Living conversation. As a lifestyle and wellness coach, yogi, and marketing strategist, Kimberly strives to help people create their ultimate lives. Looking at various elements that contribute to a person’s overall well-being, she firmly believes active living touches multiple areas and can play a huge role in wellness. Plus, it supports sustainability and this beautiful Earth we inhabit, another of Kimberly’s passions.

Hailing from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, where she grew up walking, running and biking around the neighborhood and beyond, Kimberly recently moved to downtown San Diego and looks forward to discover it both by biking and walking.





Lisa Beth Anderson


Lisa Beth Anderson is the creative force animating In Good Company. She does visual storytelling and photo-narratives for a range of nonprofit organizations and individuals working to make the world a safer, more beautiful, and better-loved place.

Lisa has photographed on behalf of biomedical research in the highlands of Peru and public school children at creative writing centers in western Michigan. Her fearless and human-centric vision breathes new life into communications and fundraising efforts for a variety of causes and her joy in what she does is infectious. Her work has been feature in Momentum Magazine, Roadbelly, Urban Style, Spark, Verge, Paper Moon Wedding, and the poetry collection, Deviants. Lisa is a world traveler but makes her home in Oakland California right now. She created a special series of photos for the Pedal Love #BikeInstead #WalkInstead social media outreach campaign for Metro Los Angeles.

Allan Crawford


Allan Crawford's background is in geology and he holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin. Allan's work experience includes the energy industry, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, city government and Veteran’s hospitals. He is the former Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Long Beach and current Executive Director for the bicycle advocacy organization Bikeable Communities. Allan is also an accomplished videographer and professional photographer with his images have appeared on the cover of American Bicyclist, Momentum Magazine and Road Magazine, and in Bicycling Magazine, The Press Telegram and The Long Beach Register. Find Allan's portfolio here.



Charis Hill


Movement is Crucial Blog

Charis Hill works for Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates as a fundraiser, event planner, and valet bicycle parking lead.  She is a professional model as well as an arthritis, autoimmune disease, and chronic disease advocate. Shortly after her move to California from North Carolina in 2011, unexplained health problems led to a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2013. A.S. is a severe and progressive autoimmune disease that attacks the whole body with inflammation and pain, and is often acutely damaging to the spine with bone spurs and fusion.  A tricky and constantly changing balance of diet, medication, and riding her bicycle helps her manage the worst of the symptoms, but there is no cure for this form of Arthritis.

Charis has raised thousands of dollars for the Arthritis Foundation since 2013 and has been featured in several local and national newspaper and magazine articles related to her struggle with A.S. In December 2013, Charis was the Arthritis Foundation Sacramento Jingle Bell Run Adult Honoree. She attended the National Arthritis Summit in Washington, D.C. in 2014 and 2015, joining hundreds of advocates from across the nation to advocate for policies to benefit all people living with Arthritis and other chronic diseases. Charis has walked for local and international fashion designers in both 2014 and 2015 Sacramento Fashion Weeks and was a featured model during the 2015 Inaugural Queer Fashion Week in Oakland, CA, alongside Androgynous Supermodels Rain Dove and Cory Wade (of ANTM Cycle 20). Her portfolio includes charity fashion shows and print images that bring her out of her disease and onto paper.  Read more about her and see some of her portfolio images here. See her resume here.

Kellie Morris

We All Ride Bikes Blog, Pedal Love Podcast

Kellie did her first multi-day, fund-raising bike ride in 2002 after a co-worker dared her to take up the challenge - the seven-day ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. In 2010 Kellie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease: Mixed Connective Tissue disease that left her so weak she could barely dress herself. Through medication, dietary changes and exercise she was able to recover much of her strength.  Kellie does most of her local trips on her trike including shopping, running errands, attending fitness classes, visiting friends and even riding to church. In May 2013 Kellie became a certified bicycling instructor via The League of American Bicyclists. She now teaches both group and private bike riding classes. Contact her for class information. Image by Lisa Beth Anderson.

Maria Sipin

Social Media Adviser & Pedal Love Guide Writing Team

Maria Sipin is a Southern California native who advocates for active transportation, community partnerships, and improving the lives of youth and LGBTQ persons who are affected by discrimination, poverty and chronic illness. Maria is a health communications specialist at the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Maria is keen on social media and the role of technology for achieving health objectives and enjoys working on projects with a public health and social equity focus that facilitate wellness, creativity, and structural changes. She is an advisory board member for Multicultural Communities for Mobility, promotes the joys and benefits of bicycles through Women on Bikes California, and is a League Cycling Instructor. She developed the Women Bike Women Lead ride and summit with Daniella Alcedo in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Multicultural Communities for Mobility. Maria on left with Yolanda Davis Overstreet of Ride in Living Color. For summer 2015 she worked on the Pedal Love #BikeInstead #WalkInstead social media outreach campaign for Metro Los Angeles.

Machiko Yasuda

Pedal Love Guide Writing Team

Machiko Yasuda is a twenty-something non-athlete, who decided to start bike commuting because she was too scared to get a driver’s license. She studied literature to avoid more math classes, but now she’s a software engineer for Reformation Clothing. A journalist by trade, she has written for L.A. Youth, Washington Post, Ventura County Star, California Apparel News and 89.3 KPCC. When she’s not bike commuting, programming or teaching, she likes to climb rocks and read books. (She only got a car at age 22 because her job required it.). Read her archived "Critical Sass" archive pieces here.