Meet Lucy

This past February I had the great pleasure of attending the traveling E-Bike Expo at Liberty Station San Diego where over 2,000 people showed up over the weekend to test ride the latest electric bikes from 20 of the top manufacturers. It was such a beautiful setting! While in line to register I made friends with Lucy and her family, and then caught up with them again at lunch. Lucy was there to help her Dad test ride cargo bikes as a passenger, but I followed up with her to find out more about riding her bike on her own at home. Lucy is nine years old and in the forth grade.

Melissa Balmer: What is your earliest favorite bike riding memory?

Lucy: When I was too old for training wheels my dad would take me to the parking lot of the local grocery store. Not too many cars would drive by so I could practice riding while my dad ran next to me so I wouldn't fall. One time my dad got tired of running and I was riding pretty well when all of a sudden I got really nervous and forgot what I was doing and rode right into the bushes. My dad ran quickly to help me, thankfully I wasn't hurt, I just had some leaves stuck in my helmet.

MB: Can you tell us about your bike? I had a purple bike when I was your age too. Aren't they the best?

Lucy: I just outgrew my old bike. My dad said I looked like a circus bear riding a miniature bike.  Anyway, he sold my bike and we found a brand new one at Target. It's purple with brown rubber tires and has seven gears. It has fenders so I can ride in the rain.   We  put a bike speedometer on it so I can tell how fast I'm going and how far.  My bell says "I love my bike" with a heart on it. I ring it often to let people know I'm coming.

MB: What's your favorite place to ride your bike with your Mom and Dad?

Lucy: I love to ride with my mom to the French Bakery on Saturday morning.  She has a pink bike.  We meet my dad there. All three of us share an almond croissant and sometimes I get a sip of coffee. Its only good with lots of sugar. We all ride back home together . It's a pretty long ride from my house, about three miles.

MB: Do you have girlfriends who you like to ride your bike with too?

Lucy: I'm not old enough to ride my bike around town,but sometimes my big sister, Chateria rides with me. She likes to ride fast!  We sometimes go to the tennis court to meet friends and play tennis. One time, on the way to the courts, Chateria fell off her bike and my mom was so concerned she fell off her bike. They got some scrapes, and we still played tennis.

MB: How did you like riding on the back of an electric bike with your Dad at the E-Bike Expo? Was it fun?

Lucy: Riding on the back of the e-bike was really cool. I didn't have to pedal so I got a chance to look around a lot more. We went really fast up the hills. 

Note: Photos provided by Lucy's Mom Anastasia Scheideman.