Melissa Balmer - Founder/Director PedalLove.org - Long Beach CA

Melissa is the Media Director for the California Bicycle Coalition and Founder/Director of PedalLove.org. She is a writer, media relations specialist and speaker dedicated to growing more active, mindful mobility. Her mission is to share the power of personally engaging storytelling to inspire. Her passion is to recruit fresh voices for active, mindful mobility to step up and share their stories. Email: Melissa@PedalLove.org. Learn more.

Maria Contreras Tebutt_web.jpg

Maria Boustead - Founder/Designer Po Campo Bags - Brooklyn NY

Industrial designer Maria Boustead hatched the idea for Po Campo's line of functional and versatile bags back in 2009 when she couldn’t find a bag practical enough to attach to her bike for her work commutes and stylish enough to take into her office. “Why hasn’t any company thought to do this yet?” she wondered, and then decided to solve the problem herself. Email: maria@pocampo.com. Learn more.

Robin Bylenga - Founder/President Pedal Chic Boutique - Greenville SC

In 2010 Robin launched Pedal Chic, the first women centric, full service bike shop in the U.S. in Greenville South Carolina. Her award winning store in a “must stop” inspiration for those interested in creating their own female focused store.  Pedal Chic's clients regularly drive 5+ hours for personalized saddle fit, bike fit and fantastic product selection. Robin is dedicated to transforming women’s lives through bicycling. Email: robin@pedalchic.com. Learn more.