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The Power of Storytelling for Compelling Presentations

Note: This webinar is scheduled for Pacific Time.

As a leader - or as an advocate - public speaking is the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement, sharing knowledge and insights, and promoting a shared dream
— Chris Anderson from "TED Talks - The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking"

Are your fans and followers eager to attend your presentations? Are you a popular presenter gaining avid new fans and followers with your talks?  Not quite where you want to be yet? Ready to revolutionize your skills?

In this 50 minute presentation Pedal Love Director Melissa Balmer will share the tools and tips you need to successfully use the power of storytelling to create compelling live presentations and webinars. This presentation will include:

1. Putting the Power Into Your Powerpoint - how to create a modern, appealing look and feel as the visual accompaniment for your presentation and avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls to that distract and harm your presentation.

2. Anyone Can Become A Masterful Storytelling - how to artfully craft and include short stories into your presentations to make them memorable.

3. Giving Memorable Presentations - how your approach is as important as content for webinars, panel presentations and keynote talks and how trying to prove how smart you are can instead both bore and overwhelm your audience.

Our guest speakers include Charlie Gandy, one of the architects of the modern biking and walking movement who will demonstrate how you can share a compelling story in just three minutes.

The presentation will include 15 minutes for questions.

Attendees will have access to the recorded webinar for a limited time after the event.

Price: $14.99 (Note: $12.99 if you purchase by Sunday August 14th at midnight)


Note: The time of this webinar is for Pacific Time.

About Melissa Balmer

Melissa is the Media Director for the California Bicycle Coalition and Founder/Director of She is a writer, media relations specialist and speaker dedicated to growing more active, mindful mobility. Her mission is to share the power of personally engaging storytelling to inspire. Her passion is to recruit fresh voices from diverse multi-generational perspectives to share their stories in traditional and new media platforms to engage new audiences for active, mindful mobility.

Melissa has placed Pedal Love, its creative team, events and CalBike in local, regional, statewide and national news outlets such as the Associated Press, Bicycling Magazine, Cosmopolitan, KABC News, Los Angeles Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Momentum Magazine, National Public Radio affiliates Houston Public Media, KCRW, KPCC, KQED, and the Texas Standard, Next City, the OC Weekly, the Sacramento Bee, the San Francisco Chronicle, Sierra Club Magazine, and many more. Image by Lisa Beth Anderson. Reach her via email:

About Charlie Gandy

Charlie Gandy consults with cities promoting active living. He is a nationally recognized expert in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy, and a popular consultant and speaker known for sparking innovation. Charlie founded Bike Texas, created the Thunderhead Alliance retreat for biking and walking advocates, played a key role in raising funding for and running the original "Bikes Belong" national political campaign to fund biking, walking and public transit at the federal level, and originated and developed the Bike Friendly Business Districts program in collaboration with Bike Long Beach for the City of Long Beach.

Charlie is currently section hiking up the California Coastline. He's finished the Southern half from Tijuana to Santa Cruz and is avoiding the satanist poison oak as he works his way north to Oregon. Reach him via email here. Read his blogs Walking California's Edge and  "Travels with Charlie" here. Image by Allan Crawford.