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The Art & Science of Selling Bicycling to Women - The Electric Bike Theatre @ Interbike

Robin Bylenga honored at Interbike 2015. Image courtesy of Interbike.

Robin Bylenga honored at Interbike 2015. Image courtesy of Interbike.

Coming to Interbike This Year? Please Join Us!

The casual female rider is a huge potential as a growth market for bicycling, and three key factors are making it more possible for women of all ages and wellness levels to bike in the United States:

1) The successful increase in safe bicycle infrastructure by progressive cities across the the country who are listening to, and collaborating with, bike advocates on the local, regional, state and national levels.

2) The rise in city and suburban bicycling for errands and commuting.

3) The rise of the electric bike.

What's missing? An understanding of how to successfully market to women who aren't interested in the sport of cycling, not yet anyway, perhaps never. We’ll share how you can successfully connect and sell to this mostly untapped market through compassion and communication.

What We'll Cover:

What Women Want - Communication!

Bicycling was a $6 billion dollar industry in 2014. Athleisure, the newest and hottest segment of the apparel market, is estimated at $44 billion annually by NPD Group. So how do we collectively grow bicycling  to $16 billion, and then even $66 billion? Women.

If the bike industry will throw its net much wider - truly engaging the casual bicyclist - they’ll get more of those avid, sport focused cyclists they so desire.

The experience – not discounts – is what sets you apart from the rest.  We will share how to develop a better in-store experience.

Compassion is key. Meet women where they are.  We'll discuss how to relate to and inspire your customer thus building relationships and the “forever customer."

Creating Compelling Communications with Storytelling

Storytelling needs to be at the heart of your communications strategy. Only storyteller changes hearts + minds. Anyone can become a masterful storyteller.

Masterful storytelling + today's smart, low cost digital communications tools = culture shift. Culture shift = sales.

Why getting positive bike-friendly stories into the media, especially the lifestyle media, is such an important part of a successful communications strategy not only for your own business, but the business of bicycling overall.

Our Presenters

About Robin Bylenga

In 2010 Robin launched Pedal Chic, the first women centric, full service bike shop in the U.S. in Greenville South Carolina. Her award winning store in a “must stop” location for those interested in creating their own female focused store.  Pedal Chic's clients regularly drive 5+ hours for personalized saddle fit, bike fit and fantastic product selection. Dedicated to transforming women’s lives through bicycling, Robin is now bringing her groundbreaking approach available to the bicycle retail world through live talks, coaching and webinars.

Robin and Pedal Chic have been featured in Bicycling Magazine, Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, CNN Money, The New Yorker, Momentum Magazine, and more.  Robin and Pedal Chic have been awarded Interbike’s "America's Best Bike Shops" 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 and "Best Bike Shop for Women" in 2012, 2013, 2015. In 2016 she’ll be presenting the Interbike award for the “Best Bike Shop for Women.” Robin holds a master's degree in Human Resource Development from Clemson University. She speaks nationally on entrepreneurship, transformation, bicycling, and selling to women.

About Melissa Balmer

Melissa is the Media Director for the California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike) andthe Founder/Director of dedicated to elevating the voice and impact of women working for more active, mindful mobility. A writer, speaker and media specialist Melissa regularly hosts presentations, workshops and webinars on storytelling, communications and media outreach focused for the active living advocacy and bicycling industries.

Melissa has placed Pedal Love and CalBike in local, regional, statewide and national news outlets such as the Associated Press, Bicycling Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Momentum Magazine, various National Public Radio affiliates, Next City, Reuters, Sierra Club Magazine, and more. She was on the founding advisory board for the League of American Bicyclists Women Bike program, hosted the very first all female League Cycling Instructor certification class just for women as a scholarship, played the role of special event + media coordinator for the Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place conference in 2012, andsummit coordinator for the California Bicycle Summit in 2013.