The Power of Storytelling for Compelling Presentations

…average ideas are adopted and run with, and brilliant ideas die, solely based on how they’re communicated.”

Nancy Duarte, CEO Duarte Communications

Meet Nancy Duarte

This is Nancy Duarte is the CEO of Duarte communications and author of two books on giving great presentations “Illuminate” and “Resonate.” She and her firm help organizations create culture shift with their presentations, the are in their own words "persuasive presentation experts."

This year Nancy and her company are celebrating 10 years of success in creating Al Gore’s presentation for “An Inconvenient Truth.”  In her TEDx talk on the “Common Traits of the Greatest Communicators” she shares that a presentation can spark a movement, or take one already In progress to a whole new level.

Nancy further shares this quote in her talk that average ideas can often thrive and brilliant ones die simple because of how they’re communicated. We're going to be learning more from Nancy a little later.

What I want you to really understand right now is that we are at a tipping point for active, mindful mobility. But our tipping point won’t happen if we’re not compelling speakers, storytellers and presenters. And that’s why…

Approach is as Important as Content

That's the number one thing I want you to remember from reading this. How you first create and then give your presentations is as important as the information you share in them.

Each one of the mistakes I’m asking you to avoid are mistakes I’ve made. Each one of the tools and tips and strategies I’m asking you to consider using are tried and tested. They work. Over the past three years I’ve revolutionized my storytelling and presentation skills using them. I want to share these so that you can do the same.

This is Amy Cuddy. Her TED Talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” is one of the most popular to date with over 35 million views. A social psychologist, she has gone on to share her research on body language in her best selling book “Presence.” This is where I got the term “Approach is As Important as Content.” It was a concept I understand before but this phrase crystalized what I wanted to share with others to transform their own skills.


Approach works whether you’re giving a webinar, sitting on a panel, teaching a live class or giving a keynote speech.