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Model Karlie Kloss in Coach's Fall 2013 #CoachNewYorkStories campaign photographed by Craig McDean

Model Karlie Kloss in Coach's Fall 2013 #CoachNewYorkStories campaign photographed by Craig McDean

I give you fair warning that both the success of the California by Bike summit this past Nove 7-10 hosted by the California Bicycle Coalition and how well our Pedal Love Project is doing have me all fired up! We are an official initiative! Go women!

What's that you say? You don't know about our Indiegogo Pedal Love Project creative seed fundraiser for November? You can find out all about it here: http://igg.me/at/PedalLoveProject/x/278476 and please follow how we're doing online with #PedalLoveProject!

Yes, this is a blog about style because style matters to the success of storytelling - and our aim here at Pedal Love is to become brilliant storytellers. Is that you too? Do you want to join us (send me a note to Melissa@calbike.org).

Think about it, style catches our attention and then, if it does its job well, it keeps us riveted while the story unravels forth - for a few minutes, a few hours, or if its a great book it could be days (and if it's a movie like Catching Fire coming out soon I'm sure there will be many who will see the movie over and over again).

But style in storytelling isn't just about what someone is wearing, its about the voice of the storyteller, the tone, the choice of language, the setting, the props, the fonts, the colors, the location etc.

Model Will Chalker of England for the new Coach Fall 2013 campaign. Image by Craig McDean.

Model Will Chalker of England for the new Coach Fall 2013 campaign. Image by Craig McDean.

Today I'm highlighting how the bike is being used as a background prop for the iconic American brand Coach - the historic leather goods line out of New York which has expanded into a full fashion line. Founded in 1941 in Manhattan the line describes itself as "defining effortless New York style" their current campaign for fall is called #CoachNewYorkStories.

Fall is my favorite season, and as much as I love living in the LBC I'd love to be in New York right now strolling the streets and watching the color of the leaves on the trees change. How about you?

I love how these images and videos capture a sense of place in New York - and have you noticed that the bike is oh so subtly incorporated as a prop to further illustrate that this is the hip urbane place to be? How many bikes can you see in their overview video? You have to look quick!

I am among those encouraging the the bike movement to take up the power of style in a very focused and concerted effort to capture the hearts, minds and interests of the majority of people the bike could be of marvelous utility to. The sport bike people already have their game on and are focused at a very particular market - but there are so many more of us who can be inspired by the power and intrigue of style.

And no, style isn't all about money. Even those of us on very limited budgets (and I know of what I speak here, trust me I do) can take ideas and tips from the style masters even if we can't afford their high tech tools and fabulous accoutrements.

We can all take the time to choose better fonts, colors, and language and we can learn to take celebratory images on our cameras and our phones that capture those special moments of freedom and fun that people will really want to not only look at and share. I leave you with one of my favorites of our newest images - Charis Hill of our "Movement is Crucial" blog column at the summit last week by Allan Crawford.


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