Stylish by Bike

Melissa's Crush List May 2016

My partner Charlie likes to tease me about how I plan well ahead of time what I'm going to wear for certain meetings and events. I just smile. I've been like this since High School. Planning what I'll wear makes me feel at my best. That's why fashion is so powerful. It can help us feel we're putting our best selves forward. Every woman I know has a "go to" outfit or two in her wardrobe, don't you? Items that make you feel polished, together, and express your true personality?

It's really no different than planning well for a speech or presentation (where we're learning approach is as important as content).

This spring I'm crushing seriously on classic staples like black, white, and denim. From upper left I love: The look and feel of this loose v-neck t with the elegant detail on the sleeve from Reformation for $28; this Po Campo Uptown Trunk for $79.99 which matches another Po Campo bag I have and means I could walk out my door on my bike packed for the weekend - sweet!; Yellow 108's sustainably produced Dylan Fedora for $108 that gives more sun coverage than most; a statement suit that can be easily mixed and matched and this J. Crew Window Pane Tweed at $168.00 for the jacket, and $98 for the pants so fit the bill; Levi's commuter line for women denim shirt (found it online once, now I can't find it again but I'll keep searching), and yes all this chic wonderfulness deserves a new pair of Warby Parker Ripley Shades starting at $145.00.

How about you? What's your #StylishbyBike crush wardrobe for this spring?