Help Pedal Love Flourish!

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Hello and thank you for your interest in supporting what we're doing.

We're currently running a crowdsourcing campaing to publish the book "The Surprising Promise of Bicycling in America" in early March 2018. Our crowdsourcing campaign runs through January 2, 2017. You can find it here:

The book will expand on the initial digital report we collaborated on with Jay. You can download the report now for free.

The crowdsourcing will also help pay for the costs of Jay, Melissa and our creative team at Pedal Love to professionally edit and format the book for both ebook/smart phone and print editions.

Further we're looking into hosting three webinars focusing on different angles of the book as "jumping of points" for dynamic presentations in spring of 2018:

  • March for Women's History Month - the rise of women in bike advocacy.
  • April for Earth Day - bicycling to combat climate change.
  • May as National Bike Month - the 20th anniversary of the passing of the passing and expanding of the Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century.

Also, Melissa is still actively working on original illustrations for a coloring book. Our goal?

  • Pedal Love writing & drawing journals for May as National Bike Month May 2018.
  • The "Pedal Love: Girls Ride" coloring book coming October 2018.

Our Donation & Sponsorship Levels

Right now we're asking that all financial support go through our IndieGoGo crowdsourcing campaing. You can find that here:


A big thank you to Gail and Jim Spann for supporting Pedal Love at the $500 level.




$500 Level Sponsorship Benefits:

Here are some of Melissa's prototype illustrations for the coloring book - some of these designs are available on the crowdsourcing campaing as coloring pages: