The Surprising Promise of Bicycling in America Book

by Jay Walljasper and Melissa Balmer

Update: February 2019

Join us for a journey that takes a quick look back at what has set the stage for the rediscovery of the bike in the U.S. as a tool for fun and optimism, and a deeper dive into the 13 reasons we feel it will continue to do in the future.

Our goal is to publish the book in 2019. The book is based on the free digital report we published in October 2017. Read below blogs from the book.

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The Authors

About Jay Walljasper

Jay is a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in how to create stronger, livelier, friendlier communities.  He is Senior Fellow at Project for Public Spaces and an Urban-Writer-in-Residence at Augsburg College in Minneapolis.  His books include America’s Walking Renaissance; The Great Neighborhood Book: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Placemaking; and the e-book How to Design Our World for Happiness.

Since 2010 he has chronicled the boom in bicycling and walking in a wide variety of appearances and publications, ranging from Christian Science, Monitor, City Lab, Huffington Post, Mother Earth News, and Wired.  He’s also worked with People for Bikes, League of American Bicyclists, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Alta Planning, and America Walks.

A long-time journalist, he was editor of Utne Reader magazine for 15 years (during which it was nominated three times for a National Magazine Award for General Excellence) and a contributing editor of National Geographic Traveler, focusing on sustainable cities.  More at

About Melissa Balmer

Melissa is a writer, artist, media relations specialist and the Founder/Director of

As the former Media Director of the California Bicycle Coalition, and a media relations specialist, she has placed her clients and the Pedal Love team in media outlets such as the Associated Press, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Public Radio International's "Living on Earth," Reuters, Sierra Club Magazine and more. 

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