The Surprising Promise of Bicycling in America Book

by Jay Walljasper and Melissa Balmer

In October of 2017 we released the digital report "The Surprising Promise of Bicycling in America" in collaboration with author Jay Walljasper.

You can download it for free here. Or find excerpts from the book below.  Are you a member of the media? Find our contact details here.

Now we're expanding the report into print and ebook form. You can help us make this inspiring book happen starting at just $15! (see bottom of the page).

The book will be available for both wholesale and retail.                                                                               

The timing is perfect. The book will come out in time for May as National Bike Month, and June as the 20th anniversary of the saving and expanding of TEA-21 federal funding for biking, walking and public transit.

Across the nation people of all ages, races and backgrounds, from large cities to small towns, are revolutionizing their lives by riding bikes and helping others do the same. In large part it’s not about competition, it’s about transportation that’s fun, healthy and inexpensive.

Why is This Book Needed?

The bike can be can be a bright hope and part of a smart revolution amidst the daunting challenges we face today: environmental devastation,  social inequity in transportation, economic disinvestment in poor communities, traffic congestion, and an epidemic of Americans who are dangerously inactive. These problems need to be at the table as we discuss our future,  bikes need to be understood as part of the solution. We want this to happen. Don't you?

Can you picture bicycling for everyone as a topic of conversation at TED Global, SXSW, the Aspen Ideas Festival, Wisdom 2.0, the Women of the World summit and more?

We can! This book will tell that story AND help bicycling move into top of mind awareness for important sustainability conversations.


Our Team

Author Jay Walljasper is a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in how to create stronger, greener, friendlier communities. His books include The Great Neighborhood book: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Placemaking and America’s Walking Renaissance.  A long-time journalist, he was editor of Utne Reader magazine for many years (during which it was nominated three times for a National Magazine Award for General Excellence) and a contributing editor of National Geographic Traveler, focusing on sustainable cities.  Learn more at

Melissa Balmer is the Founder/Editor of, focusing on thought leadership and storytelling tools to grow more active, sustainable, mindful mobility. As the former Media Director of the California Bicycle Coalition, and a media relations specialist, she has placed her clients and the Pedal Love team in media outlets such as the Associated Press, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Public Radio International's "Living on Earth," Reuters, Sierra Club Magazine and more.

Charlie Gandy is one of the architects of the modern bike movement. 25 years ago he launched Bike Texas as one of the first state-wide bike advocacy organizations. 21 years ago he began hosting biking and walking advocacy trainings across the country including the seminal "Thunderhead Retreat." In 1997 he played a key role in the success of the Bikes Belong political campaign and continues today as a top trainer and innovator. He served as the Mobility Coordinator for the City of Long Beach, and presently serves on the board of the Bike Texas and the California Bicycle Coalition.

Allan Crawford  is the former Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Long Beach and current Executive Director for the bicycle advocacy organization Bikeable Communities. Also  an accomplished videographer and professional photographer, Allan’s mages have appeared on the cover of American Bicyclist, Momentum Magazine and Road Magazine, and been featured in Bicycling Magazine, The Press Telegram and The Long Beach Register.

The Pedal Love Culture & Lifestyle Council was launched in 2016 as the first of its kind leadership and storytelling lab, a growing network of female leaders in biking advocacy, bikes for sustainability, and bicycle entrepreneurship across the U.S. Read about the growing list of women here:

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Excerpts from the Book!

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