Our Mission & History

Pedal Love focuses on cultivating the power of storytelling to elevate the voice and impact of women for creating more active, mindful mobility for everyone.

In 2016 we moved from being a California focus organization to branching out across the U.S.

In September of 2016 we launched the Pedal Love Council storytelling and leaderships development lab.

We promote the blooming biking, walking and healthy transportation culture through storytelling, leadership tools and trainings, and creative gifts. 

For 2017 Founder/Director Melissa Balmer is working on creating the "Pedal Love Coloring Book Vol I" as a fundraising tool for both Pedal Love and other active, sustainable, mindful mobility advocacy organizations.

We are a non profit project under the fiscal sponsorship of the California Bicycle Coalition.


  • Constantly updating and growing our media list to be a resource for our team, the California Bicycle Coalition and its advocate member executive teams, and making it available to our subscribers for a low cost fee.
  • Collaborating with the California Bicycle Coalition affiliate members on pitching positive bicycling stories in the California and national media.
  • Hosting the monthly "Pedal Love" podcast on KPFK's Bike Talk and expanding to new Pacific network stations.
  • Hosting our "Media + Marketing Love" four-part webinar series in collaboration with the California Bicycle Coalition.
  • Hosting Media Junkets by Bike in Long Beach in November 2015 to invite lifestyle media and influencers to see the positive changes happening in cities dedicated to making biking, walking and public transportation easy and viable. Inspiring other Californian cities to do the same.
  • Raising the awareness of the Vision Zero movement and the work of the Vision Zero Network for North America by hosting Leah Shahum in Long Beach September 18, 2015 with three special events, and collaborating on media outreach with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition for Leah's visit to Los Angeles September 24, 2015.

What We Accomplished in Our First Two Years - Moving from Women on Bikes SoCal to Women on Bikes California

  • Launching of the new www.Pedallove.org website.
  • Hosting of the Pedal Love podcast on KPFK's weekly Bike Talk show once a month to a downloading audience of 14,000+.
  • Expanding our Pedal Love volunteer creative team members across the state.
  • Creating the California by Bike summer report for the California Bicycle Coalition following the November 2012 summit.
  • Hosting the inaugural "Active Living Plugged In" new media, communications and leadership lab in Los Angeles in collaboration with the LACBC in March of 2014.
  • Placing stories in Momentum Magazine: Cover July/August 2014 on Shelby Sanchez with photos by Lisa Beth Anderson and a feature on Pedal Love spokeswoman Charis Hill with a photo by Allan Crawford. Placing Janet Lafleur on the inside backcover style, The Bicycle Stand two page spread by Lisa Beth Anderson, and feature on the story of Brownesville Texas in June/July issue 2015.
  • Collaborating with journalists on pitching CalBike affiliate members for story placement - including a in August 2014 on Jen Klausner, Executive Editor of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition in Los Angeles Magazine by Sarah Bennett.
  • Collaborating with Janet Lafleur and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition on media strategy and placement for Bike to Shop Day 2014 which resulted in placements in the San Francisco Chronicle and Bicycling Retailer.
  • Hosting the "Why I Need a New Bike" storytelling contest in spring 2015.

Our Beginnings 

Melissa Balmer launched the Women on Bikes SoCal project and website in September 2011 as both an advocacy project and communications platform to "Celebrate the Joy, Benefits & Beauty of Bicycling for Women" under the Long Beach based bicycle advocacy organization Bikeable Communities.

In it’s first two years Women on Bikes SoCal gathered together a talented and diverse team of passionate female bloggers to write on various aspects of living a bike-friendly life, garnered the #1 Google for the key word search “Women on Bikes,” and successfully raised funds to host first ever “female only” League Cycling Instructor program as a scholarship in order to create more female instructors in areas of Los Angeles that were underserved. Women on Bikes SoCal also hosted the "Street Savvy" short, "hands on" adult bicycle education classes, and a series of successful fundraising events including a "Mid Century Modern Architectural Tour by Bike" ans the "Cycle Chic: Past, Present & Future" fall fashion show at the national WomenBike event at Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place in September 2012.