Pedal Love Recorded Webinars

We regularly host webinars on different aspects of improving your communications, storytelling and leadership skills. Following you can find links to our webinars on recordings.

The Art & Science of Owning Your Story - January 2017

This 1-hour webinar delves into the keys of developing a compelling story and then how you can tell it, amplify it, pitch it and grow it to reach new fans and followers.




The Power of Storytelling for Compelling Presentations - August 2016

This 1-hour webinar delves into all aspects of giving compelling, engaging presentations from the visuals to forming and performing the content, and how approach is absolutely as important as content.



Media Love 101

This is the first in a four part series on Media & Marketing outreach specifically focused on bike advocacy, bike clubs and the bike industry with this hour long power point + recording we'll learn how to:

1. How to write and distribute a winning press release

2. Create a strong media list that works for your organization

3. Understand the media's timelines

4. Set up an engaging "news" or "media" room

5. Create appealing phone and in person story pitches

6. Supporting your media outreach with smart social media outreach

7. Building a strong local media base before branching out

Media & Marketing Love 202

In this hour long webinar we'll discover how to:

1. Create a Media Plan and strategy for Bike Month

2. Hone your visual and linguistic brand and your pitch

3. Develop 360 degrees of storytelling

4. Create collaborations focusing on creating great images

5. You got the interview! Now what?

Media & Marketing Love 303

The next in our four-part series of webinars on Media & Marketing we delve into the use of thoughtful empowering language:

1. How updating our language can move us beyond "car vs. bike" and "bikelash" 

2. Developing our strongest talking points whether it's to speak to the media, a City Council, or our neighbors

3. Telling stories that inspire us to action, openness and honesty, rather than stories that invoke rage, anger, fear, guilt and shame

4. Engaging new audiences by telling the story of the bike in new, different ways

Media & Marketing Love 404

The last in our four-part series we delve into how to becoming a charismatic storyteller:

1. Why storytelling matters and yes it absolutely helps in raising money!

2. What makes a story great – lessons from masterful storytellers

3. How to develop your own repertoire of stories that can serve you for many situations

4. Storytelling resources