Welcome to Our "Where I'm Stuck in My Story" Survey & Giveaway!

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Are you and or your team feeling a bit stuck in your storytelling for marketing outreach and audience engagement? Are you unsure how best to share your own stories in authentic and compelling ways to your fans and followers and have them help you build new audiences?

We want to make sure our storytelling tools and tips are focusing on where you need the most help. Our short 8 minute multiple choice survey below will do that.

Take the time to fill out our survey by Friday June 2nd 2018 at midnight Pacific Time and 3 lucky people will win a free 1/2 hour one-on-one phone coaching session with Melissa (not valid for those already receiving coaching).

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1. I/we are a team of... *
2. I/we need help with storytelling for my... *
3. I am/we are most stuck in telling my/our story in a compelling way... *
4. I/we feel strongest sharing our story via *
5. The thing that baffles me/us the most about successfully sharing storytelling... *
6. I/we presently use the following outreach tools *
7. Over the next 2 - 6 months I/we want our storytelling to... *
8. I/we want storytelling to help us... *