Rachel Zoe on Hermes + Yellow 108 on LB's Bike friendly Biz Boom

In case you were waiting for even more fashion forward bike news in order to acept that yes, the bike is the chicest of urban transit tools around (as well as the most economical and health friendly) you need wait no further! Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe and her team in The Zoe Report have declared the new stainless steel Hermès Bicycle the Holy Grail of bikes. If its $4,525.00 price tag is a bit steep for your pocket book team Zoe have very thoughtfully provided a link to the far less dear Firmstrong cruiser for sale at Amazon for just $189.00.

High anticipation is where I'm at right now! Is it March yet? Local LB design teams Yellow 108 and the Academy are pairing up to create some of the completely sustainably produced fashion pieces that will be featured in our promo shots for our Sept. 13, 2012 "Cycle Chic: Dress for the Destination" urban bike fashion show. While I try and wait patiently for inspired genius to bloom may I inspire you with Yellow 108's Lauren Lilly in her recent video interview with Charlie Gandy?

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