A Few of Fall's Fabulous Media Bike Finds

Actor Max Irons in a screenshot from the August issue of G.Q.

In this crazy busy time, with just two weeks to go before the Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place 2012 Conference starts, followed with the Cycle Chic: Past, Present & Future fashion show right on its heels (Will you be joining us? Have you bought your ticket?), guess what activity is offering me a surprise of delightful little snippets of R&R?

Pondering what to wear two weeks from now! Yep, my latent clothes horse side has reared it's head and refuses to go back into the closet. I've always been a fashion magazine fan, but now I flip the pages not only looking for interesting articles (and images of bikes to share with you all of course) but also inspiration on how I'm going to organize my wardrobe for the week.

Like most of us I don't have the $$ to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe for our big bike week an our fall fundraiser (and to welcome our special guest Mikael Colville-Andersen, Mr. Cycle Chic himself to town), so instead I need to focus on a few select pieces and of course mining my own closet for a few choice treasures. I must admit fashion-wise summer is not my season, but fall? Bring it on. You can't imagine how delighted I was when flipping through the new "T" (New York Times Style Magazine) I found an image of Emma Watson wearing a Ralph Lauren jacket in the exact same material as a Ralph Lauren double breasted jacket I have in the back of the closet from the early 90's. Sweet!

But enough about me. I want to share my excitement over some great "bike sightings" I've seen in the media of late. An obvious choice of course is actor Max Irons (son of Jeremy - show above) in the August issue of G.Q., but the big winner for me is the double issue of Marie Claire for September. There is a traditional fall issue and as a bonus a "work" issue.  The only bummer is that the images I want so very badly to share with you are not online - but I have faith I will track them down eventually (even if it means I go and scan the pages myself).

I'm sure a profile of a celebrity photographed with their bike has been shared in a top fashion/lifestyle magazine before - and by this I mean not just the bike as a prop but the celebrity actually sharing that they love their bike - but I haven't run into one until now. On page 253 of Marie Claire's main fall issue actress Erika Christensen of NBC's Parenthood is shown with one of her favorite bikes. She owns one hybrid and two road bikes. She has ridden her bike to a TV interview - how cool is that? She is exactly the type of talent we need to recruit! Yes, I'm on it! I'm tracking her down I promise.

The next happy bike surprise came in the bonus "work" issue of Marie Claire where I flipped to a section called "Who's the Boss" with profiles of top female executives and right on the front page of this article is an image of the very striking writer/producer Mara Brock Akil (who co-write Sparkle with her husband, and is the Executive Producer of The Game) sporting a very beautiful set of legs under her dress - and right next to her is a very chic looking European inspired city bike. No mention of the bike in the article or image - and I've tracked down Laurie Sandell, the author of the interview and they never discussed bicycling. But I'm convinced it's not a prop. Again I'm on the case! Keep good thoughts that she really rides.

My final major bike sighting is back to "T" Magazine and a profile on model Hannelore Knuts who is designing a bike for Marniek Kint. Sadly I have yet to track down anything more than that tidbit to share with you thus far. Stay tuned!

I don't know about you but I'm getting excited to dress for my destination more than dressing for the heat! Bring fall on!