Why Style Matters

The First Lady on the Cover of April's Vogue Magazine

I have learned something fascinating about our readers and our outreach network since we've been doing our spring survey - our largest, and most active readership group is in the 25 to 35 year old age bracket. An age group still very open to new ideas, and new ways of presenting themselves, as they're discovering exactly who they want to be in the world. I have to say that I'm very proud of our own representation of this group with our three latest columnists Maria Sipin, Machiko Yasuda and Shelby Sanchez - and we'll be adding a forth with Jennifer Tetrick coming on very soon!

That's not to say that the rest of us (both older and younger!) can't continue to grow and change and be open to new ideas as well (and happily we have readers in all age categories!). Who could represent iconic change in this country right now better than President and Mrs. Obama? How proud and thrilled I was to see Michelle on the cover of Vogue for April with her stylish new bangs! And how it filled me with pride, and laughter that we have a First Lady who can get up and shake her groove thing on national television with Jimmy Fallon to promote her Let's Move campaign.

Keep up the vision and goal with me if you will of seeing Michelle on the cover of next year's May 2014 Vogue Magazine on a bike for Bike Month won't you?

Yes style matters in the active living conversation. Why? Style = thought. Style is not about mindlessly mimicking the latest fashion, style is about discovering who you are, what works best for you, and visually having a conversation with the world by how you present yourself. The First Lady not only exemplifies this with tremendous grace, she expresses her own journey to finding the right clothes in which she is completely comfortable and completely herself in the new Vogue article

Which is exactly what we're striving to do here at Women on Bikes as well by how we present ourselves, and of course what we say. Obviously we are a work in progress, and a labor of love (with a new spring fundraising campaign coming up!) working to find the right mix to have the most appealing and engaging conversation with you about how a bike can fit into your everyday life.

I was also very excited to read in this month's Vogue about the new bike line Martone Cycling Co., created by Lorenzo Martone who has a background in public relations and advertising. I expect Martone to not only bring a new sense of style to bicycle marketing and advertising outreach, but some of the very focused discipline a fashion mindset brings to getting the word out in the most appealing way to the broadest audience possible. From my research on Martone I found the gorgeous website Style of Sport and am thrilled to share that I'll be doing an interview next week for an upcoming Bike Minded Market Watch with founder Claudia Lebenthal.

From Right: Bernard Serrano of Cyclone Coasters and his dance partner Kitty Marie Wyman

And here's more news of exciting things on the horizon - I'll be coordinating a vintage bike exhibit and vintage bike + fashion show for Long Beach's downtown Bikefest on May 11th. Both are in honor of May as Bike Month and Long Beach's rich and vibrant vintage bicycling heritage and community. None of which would be complete without also honoring and showcasing the life of Bernard Serrano of Cyclone Coaster - one of the largest monthly vintage rides in the country now with 250+ people showing up to ride!

I met Bernard again through my bicycle advocacy work here in Long Beach about four years ago, but I knew I'd met him before. He seemed oh so familiar, and then it struck me - he had been one of my sister Michelle's good friends during her 1980's Rockabilly passion and the talented dance partner of one of her best friends Rose Apodaca of La Vie En Rose and A + R (If you love vintage Hollywood glamour as much as I do make sure to read Rose's article from La Vie En Rose and Hollywood 7 here).

The image above of Bernard and his latest dance partner the lovely FIDM student and vintage passionista Kitty Marie Wyman was taken in Long Beach's scenic East Village on Monday with yours truly playing photo assistant and sittings editor. We had so much fun. Aren't they gorgeous? Stay tuned for more images from this shoot and details about the vintage bike exhibit and vintage bike + fashion show!