News from Presscamp!

From left: Larry Pizzi, Elayne Fowler, Charlie Gandy and Melissa Balmer

From left: Larry Pizzi, Elayne Fowler, Charlie Gandy and Melissa Balmer

Today was the final morning of Lifeboat Event's Winter Presscamp 2015. For the past few days Elayne Fowler and I have had a marvelous time learning everything we can about 15 different bike focused product lines.

The brainchild of Lance Camisasca, Press Camp gives bike focused product manufacturers the opportunity to have one on one conversations with the media over a series of days. Hosted twice a year (winter and summer), the event allows the bike industry and the media quality time.

Our goals here have been to not only find products to address the particular needs of women for all types of bicycling, but to find more inspirational stories about how people are transforming their lives by bike.

On that note I'm very excited to share with you all that Elayne Fowler (who will host our upcoming "Media & Marketing Love 202 webinar" with me on 2/12) will be joining the Pedal Love team as our go to gadget girl, our product geek, our seeker of what's new and sharer of what's so needed for women while riding. Stay tuned for her in-depth reviews of the product lines we connected with. Elayne and I met when she was the Marketing Director of Electra Bicycle Company, and she's now bringing her talent and passion for marketing to advising Pedal Love and the California Bicycle Coalition board.

One of the biggest stories at the camp was the energy that's coming together around ebikes (electric bikes). For those of us who are passionate about getting people to try bicycling who are fearful they don't have the fitness level to safely cross wide streets, get up hills, or keep up with friends and family, ebikes offer a marvelous solution. Yes, at present they are an investment, and yes they can be heavy, but they point to a future in the U.S. where bicycling will be seen as a form of transportation anyone can participate in regardless of age or fitness level. But before that can truly happen there are laws and policies that either need to be changed, or put into place, throughout the U.S.

One of the key players in making sure the electric bike can reach its potential is Larry Pizzi who's heading up the BPSA electric bicycle committee. Larry is the President of the Currie Tech Corporation and the Managing Director of the Electric Bicycle Competence Center of North America (EBCC-NA) the leading US developer of electric bicycles that are marketed and supported under the brands Raleigh, Haibike, Lapierre, IZIP and eFlow.

To learn about the momentum coming together on ebikes please read this letter Larry wrote to the ebike industry and has been shared by our friends at