5 Tips for Effective Media Pitching with Editorial Calendars

Sunset's gorgeous media kit gives you an excellent idea of what kinds of stories will spark them.

Sunset's gorgeous media kit gives you an excellent idea of what kinds of stories will spark them.

If we want to exponentially grow more mindful mobility we need to better harness the power of the media.

One of the best ways to increase your success at pitching your stories to a particular lifestyle media outlet is to download and study that outlet's "media kit" or "editorial" or "planning" calendars.

All three terms are used, but they are essentially the same thing - a digital sales kit for why you should advertise in this particular publication. However, they all include a lovely gem of the publication's editorial calendar. Sometimes you can find the calendar all on its own.

One of the most beloved and "sticky" lifestyle print and online publications is the Western states focused Sunset Magazine. I've attached their 2016 media kit here for you to take a look at. A beautiful combo of travel, food, home, and garden Sunset is the perfect place to pitch stories for viewing our world anew through biking, walking and transit.

1. Remind me again why I want my story in the media?
It's a numbers game. Sunset has a combined monthly readership of print and online of 4.6 million a month.

2. Editorial calendars help you plan ahead
Media outlets like Sunset can plan features 6+ months ahead, with shorter pieces a few months out. Each publication has its own rules. Right now Oprah's O Magazine is looking for favorite things NOW for the holiday issue thru August 4th. 

3. If you want the interest of the media do your homework
Read the media you want to be featured in. Know their segments, their tone, their look and feel and vocabulary. The media kit/editorial calendar is a great place to start doing research.

4. Personalize your pitches
Move beyond press releases for pitches focused at an editorial calendar. Pitch via email, but follow up by phone if you can get the right number. Show your knowledge of what they're about and exactly how your story, product, tour, event etc. fits their readership.

5. Ready to start pitching?
To find an editorial calendars for a particular publication look on their website for their advertising materials section. Or google "media kit 2016 + your preferred media outlet name."