5 Social Media Trends to Embrace for 2019

Image :  Canva.com

Image: Canva.com

With 2019 just around the corner it's time to look at 5 smart social media trends you can embrace to better tell the story of the wonderful work you do.

1. Storify Your Social

This is from a terrific blog recently by Hootsuite "Social media is pivoting from text-based platforms originally designed for desktop use (think early Facebook) to truly mobile-only networks that enable users to capture in-the-moment experiences—and Stories embody that pivot."

Bravo to Bosch eBike Systems for this wonderful short sweet storytelling video above that brilliantly showcases this concept.

No, not all of us have the budget to do this type of video but we can get creative with the cameras on our phones.

2. Encourage Company Leaders to Become Savvy Social Media Mavens

In Inc. John Hall notes "CEOs and other company leaders need to use social media to share their insights, connect with their community, and listen to their audience. They may be busy running a business, but part of doing business in 2019 is being active on social."

Walking, biking, public transit and other active mobility advocates, orgs and brands that bring their leaders front and center on social media will give people a personality to rally behind and be inspired by.

3. Actively Listen to Your Fans & Followers

Use social media to engage in real conversation not just promoting your policy, product or plan. This can lead to marvelous synergy with...

4. Artfully Re-Use Content from Your Fans & Followers

Make your audience and customers your heroes.  It works not just in presentations but in branding and marketing.

Again from John Hall in Inc. "Start looking for the best content from your followers, and consider showcasing that content (and giving credit to the creator) on your own channels. It can help grow your base and give your audience a sense of connection."

5. Format Your Content for Each Social Media Platform

Yes, it's great there are apps that save you time by re-posting what you place on Instagram to Twitter, or Facebook to Instagram etc. BUT many of them just share a link, not the actual image you worked so hard on creating. When this happens you lose serious social media momentum. 

Each social media platform not only has specific sizes for photos, and ideal length for text, the type of text you share, AND also times of day that it's best to post. Take a look here at Sprout Social's "Always Up-to-Date" image sizes for social media to make sure you know what size to create your images for each platform.

Note: Remember Canva.com is a fantastic low-cost way to easily re-format images and graphics for your social media.