Why Your Social Media is Under Performing

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Getting frustrated with your social media strategy falling short of your goals?

Marie Forleo (of Marie TV and B School) is one of my "go to" peeps for taking my social media and online marketing to the next level (and the next).

In her video above she breaks down why changing one sentence in your asks makes you 2x more powerful. And! How to engage "minimum viable asks" to motivate people to take an action.

If you're feeling frustrated by your social media efforts it's time to be inspired by Marie:

1) You're Not Following the 80/20 Rule for Modern Marketing

The masters of modern Internet based marketing like Marie come from a place of generosity rather than focusing first on what they can get.

If you're not getting the results you want from your social media strategy you're likely not offering enough free useful tips and toolsthat demonstrate your authentic expertise and passion for the subject.

Why listen to Marie's free advice? People listen! 500K followers on her YouTube channel, almost 70k views for the above video, millions in direct online sales for her revolutionary B School course and it goes on...

To rise above the crowd today the 80/20 rule is 80% of your social media outreach should be useful + value information, 20% promotion of your goods and services.

Question: What have you given away for free lately?

When was the last time you wrote an email newsletter or blog that clarified something that's hard for newbies to understand? Or created a short sweet "how to" video? And attached to that when was the last time you asked your audience to make a minimum viable action?

3) You're Not Telling an Emotionally Engaging Story 

I'm seeing a lot of lovely bike images on social media promoting a bike product or active living policy these days. Too often, however,they gain little traction because there's no there there. There's no story.

An attractive couple riding the latest eBikes riding through a gorgeous city, or countryside, isn't enough. We've moved beyond that.

Your audience wants to know who these people are and how specifically their lives have been transformed by bike.

The same can apply for walking, riding the bus or train, and all other forms of sustainable living.

Vancouver's Chris and Melissa Bruntlett are on fire with synergy and synchronicity on social media (they have 30K+ followers on Twitter). We've know each other via social media for years, so this has been really fun and inspiring to watch unfold. 

Last year they published the very well received book "Building the Cycling City" and guess what happened? Chris was then recruited by the Dutch to be the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Sweet!

Question: Who's story (like yours!) could you begin sharing THIS WEEK to better connect?

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