3 Ways to Transform Your Presentations

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1) You're Not the Hero of Your Presentations 

As my very short sweet video shares above, you're not actually the hero of your presentations, your audience is. Just by making this mental shift you'll begin to engage your audience in fresh new ways and make them feel much more included and inspired.

Yes, you're the hero of your own Hero's Journey stories that you share, but not the presentation - that's for our audience. 

This tip and the one below are from the masterful presentation coaching Nancy Duarte.

2) Layer Your Data with Stories Like a Cake 

Storytelling is easy to remember, data not so much. Don't try to show off how smart you are - you'll overwhelm people. Instead engage your audience by illustrating your data with compelling images and short stories of real people whose lives are being affected by what you're talking about. 

Yes, you can be one of the stories (one!).

Each of these stories should be very short, 3-5 minutes at the most.

3) Your PowerPoint Isn't Your Presentation 

You are. Your PowerPoint (or any other program you use) is your accompanying music, your score if you will, but you are the star of the show.

Consider this: TED works with speakers for 6-9 months before they ever get up on the TED Global stage. What would practicing your presentation 6-9 more times than normal do for your delivery?

You'd knock it out of the park.