Your #1 Social Media Mistake

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The number one mistake you're making in your storytelling, social media and overall communications are weak, boring headlines or taglines that fail to catch your audience's interest.

No matter whether you're promoting a product, program, policy or service, we live in an era where people have short attention spans.

The important work you do, the great products you create, the marvelous programs you offer, won't gain the traction you desire if you don't capture your audience's attention quickly with engaging headlines.

Email newsletters, blogs, articles, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Twitter posts and more all need snappy, emotionally engaging headlines and taglines.

Four Ways to Improve Your Headlines NOW

1) Make headline and tagline writing as important as the rest of your content writing

Top entrepreneurial coach Maria Forleo and other talented copywriters recommend you draft 25-30 headlines or taglines for each piece of content. Yes, that is a lot. But think about it, it's worth the time it if it makes the difference between people clicking to read what you want to share and not.

Make it easy. Write draft headlines and taglines as they occur to you while you're writing the actual content. This will help keep you from freezing like a deer in the headlights.

2) Use lists & numbers

When I made the switch to headlines like "3 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller" and "10 Tips to Transform Your Presentations" I saw a dramatic and immediate improvement in my click thru rates.

Note: Use 10 instead of ten, etc. Why? People make sense of it faster.

3) Offer clear, specific, useful tips and advice

People love to click on things they think will offer them quick, useful advice.

Remember in today's world to excel at online marketing you really need to use the 80/20 rule. That means that 80% of what you post should be useful information your audience will find valuable, and only 20% promotional.

4) Use one (or both) of these free testing tools to help you create dramatically better headlines

I've used both of these and they really work. Why? Because they not only rate your headline, they offer specific advice about how to improve it, and then they keep a list going for you so that you can test each new iteration.

How marvelous is that?