Yellow 108

60 Minutes & More!

Image: Mikael Colville-Andersen/

I'm quite happy with the bike in the media so far this week I must say - and the week just got started! Last night I was enjoying a particulary good 60 Minutes when Sal Khan, the founder and Executive Director of the Khan Academy of Silicon Valley, was shown riding a bike to work in the opening segment of a profile about and his groundbreaking educational company. Imagine how marvelous it would be to have Khan as a bicycle ambassador for California! Jim Brown of the California Bicycle Coaltion and I will certainly be adding him to the dream list we're compiling (we also have Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz and Ellen Degeneres on our list, how about you? Do you have a dream list of celebrity bicycle ambassadors? If so I'd love to hear about it).

I'm also very pleased that our Cycle Chic: Past, Present & Future fashion show on 9/13 was picked up as an event in Los Angeles Magazine both in print and online. In print they used one of Mikael Colville-Andersen's beautiful images, and online they use one of our own images of Jennifer Tetrick by Allan Crawford. This is particularly sweet as Mikael is both a keynote at the upcoming Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place 2012 Conference and a special guest of our fashion show. FYI Bicycles also got another little shout out in L.A. Magazine on page 42 in Buzz/The Seen by Kari Mozena at "Affair #2 - Different Spokes" aka "L&M Arts' Ghost Town" reception that appeared to have a bike rack and perhaps bicycle valet!

Right now over in the East Village of Long Beach a very talented team of people are putting together our last promotional photo shoot for the fashion show on 9/13 (have you bought your ticket yet?). Led by photographer Robert Evans III, Cradelle White as wardrobe stylist and the adorable Sandra Pimentel (shown above I've borrowed a shot of her from her salon's facebook page). The owner of the Downtown Darling boutique and salon, Sandra stepped in seamlessly to help with hair and makeup today when the original makeup artist had to drop out and are we excited about it. Special thanks to Molly Gardner of the Arts Council Long Beach for connecting us!

Here below is a recent image by Robert, styled by Cradelle and featuring Long Beach's own Yellow 108's sunglasses. These images are from the hot online magazine Tinsel Tokyo - and the shot on the right is the current cover!


It's All About Relationships

Yve Hart puts the finishing touches on Nicole Maltz of The Bicycle Stand. Image: Allan Crawford

Last Thursday morning a team of us gathered together to create the first promotional images for our September 13, 2012 "Cycle Chic: Past, Present & Future...A Celebration of Dressing for the Destination" urban bike fashion show in support of WoBSoCal's "Let's Double the Number of Women & Girls Riding Bikes" fundraising campaign. Our goddess of transformation Yve Hart of Flaunt Salon was in charge of hair and makeup for the beautiful Nicole Maltz, who is co-owner of The Bicycle Stand - both businesses and our photo shoot all took place on location in the beautiful Bluff Heights neighborhood of Long Beach.

There is an art to taking great photos, it's quite a process with many steps and tricks along the way, but of course the most important thing is to find people who are willing to open up their personalities for the camera. We couldn't have asked for better models than Nicole and Joseph.

Both were willing to jump right in. Both were game with all of mine and photographer Allan Crawfords ideas (some a bit goofy I admit but they worked!) and gave the photo shoot the best of their charming and engaging personalities. I couldn't be happier with the images. Aren't these a pair you want to have included in your next bike ride? Wouldn't you want them to be your ambassadors to discover Long Beach?

When you're dealing with fashion in photos there are even more tricks and steps to take into consideration. So yes, Long Beach in blooming spring but we were actually shooting photos for fall! On the left Nicole rides a black Linus city bike, Yellow 108 bamboo sunglasses, and woman's bicycling shirt and shorts by The Academy. Joseph Bradley on left, is a partner in the Long Beach based The Pedaler Society pedi cab company. He also wears Yellow 108 sunglasses, a Yell0w 108 hat (both created from recycle "green produced" materials), and his bicyling shirt, pants and tie are by The Academy. Hats, sunglasses and men's bicycling pants are available now. Women's bicycling shirt and shorts coming for fall. Stay tuned!