Creating Opportunity with Social Rides

WomenTalkBikes co-host Daniella Alcedo

WomenTalkBikes co-host Daniella Alcedo

August Podcast

Daniella Alcedo and Maria Sipin explore the topic of social rides as a way to increase confidence and ridership among women, especially new riders, with interviews from participants at local rides, including the LA Explorers Club inaugural Downtown LA ride and a Bodacious Bike Babes Sunday ride. Wheelwomen Switchboard community members also share why social rides matter to them.

July Podcast

Hosts Daniella Alcedo and Maria Sipin interview Siobhan Dolan, competitive racer and amateur mechanic who talks about a new platform for women's racing at La Course, the first elite women's race at Le Tour de France.

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About Your Hosts

Daniella Alcedo is the founder and current chair of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition, a local regional chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. She leads the monthly Ride Around Pomona (RAP) rides once a month in Pomona. She is also a League Cycling Instructor from the League of American Bicyclists. She looks to empower individuals to cycle more often and safely.

Maria Sipin promotes the joys and benefits of bicycling as a blogger for Pedal Love, a project of Women on Bikes California, is on the advisory board for Multicultural Communities for Mobility, and is a League Cycling Instructor from the League of American Bicyclists. She champions the importance of increasing the skills and confidence levels for bicyclists of all ages. With the username @ahealthydesign, she tweeted her way into advocacy and shares her everyday multimodal adventures!

About Women Talk Bikes

The original Women Talk Bikes broadcast on 2/8/2014 was created to let women from different biking backgrounds come together, share their roles in the bicycling community and empower others to be active and involved using their bikes. The show, organized by Daniella Alcedo and Maria Sipin, while fun and lighthearted, also shed some light on some of the issues women face while cycling. The hashtag #womentalkbikes was created to get people to interact with the panel using social media. This show was designed to introduce the diversity of different bicycling styles, to meet new faces and inspire other women to get on their bikes!